An embarrassing day for right-wing blog Guido, who’ve been forced to back down on a story claiming £13k of Owen Jones’ General Election crowd-funding campaign had gone “missing.”

The libertarian blog claimed in a post entitled “MYSTERY OF OWEN’S MISSING £13,000 OF CROWDFUNDING” that Guardian columnist Owen Jones had promised to hand over £28k from a crowd-funding campaign, of which only £15k arrived at its destination:

However, it didn’t occur to Guido that it might be a smart idea to offer a right of reply to Jones:

We all waited with bated breath for Guido to reveal the solution to the perplexing mystery of the missing £13,000:

Jones stated that he’d be “seeking legal advice on this one.”

  1. Ruth Whittaker says:

    Oh dear … as my cousin pointed out to me with a Fb note about hackers which I then shared, was indeed a hoax Check your facts first !!!

  2. The truth behind most of Guido’s supposed scandals is actually similar. The man is just a shite, right-wing journalist.

  3. Very small update, considering the size of the original article and not even the hint of an apology. Well done Owen

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