Peter Westmacott, the former British Ambassador to the United States under David Cameron, has warned of the “shades of 1933 Germany” following Trump’s alarming rally in Phoenix, Arizona, and the example the President has now set for “autocrats…to play the same game more dangerously.”

During the rally, Trump had said he was willing to “close down our government” in order to build the Mexico border-wall he had promised during the election.

As Ambassador to the USA from 2012-2016, Westmacott is well-versed in diplomatic and political etiquette, and had previously warned of Trump’s White House “peddling falsehoods” about British intelligence.

Westmacott was reacting to the Director of National Intelligence’s claims that he was “scared and worried about the President’s fitness to serve and his access to nuclear codes” following the Phoenix rally.


  1. I have just watched The Second World War in colour (a documentary that has been around for a while) and the rise of Hitler followed an eerily similar path. Elected initially (after a failed coup, which led to a jail sentence), Hitler used perceived threats to ban other parties and give himself autocratic powers, then appointed himself Chancellor… 45 turns to whipping up hatred and hysteria against ‘the establishment’, (the enemy) in order to sow the seeds of tyranny. The administration has appeared to be sleepwalking towards disaster…will they wake in time? History says otherwise.

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