Farage is a very busy man these days, juggling not being an MP with not being UKIP leader, just about finding the odd hour or two to spare to not attend to his duties as MEP. Fear not though, for despite his coy departure from UKIP leadership, professing he “couldn’t possibly achieve more” and “wants his life back,” the Kipper has threatened a “return to the frontline”

It wasn’t that much of a surprise: since his fall from grace, Farage has threatened to return at least three times in the past two months (here, here and here). Twitter wasn’t particularly forgiving however:

He had probably forgotten, being so busy, but Twitter reminded Farage that not only was “frontline politics” a charitable way to describe his electoral record, but he had also failed to become an MP SEVEN times:

Maybe eighth time’s the charm, hey Nige?

  1. Farage is a hollow and empty rabble rouser, with nothing positive to offer anyone. This man should have been consigned to the dustbin years ago.

  2. Pauline Thomas says:

    You and Tony Blair need to slink back under your respective stones and stay there, no one wants either of you every again in British Politics. Would rather have a couple of rabid dogs, they would make more sense.

  3. Adrienne Thomas says:

    If I thought I was going to have to see and hear that frog faced fuck on a regular basis again life would no longer be worth living. You are a lying, lazy, big mouthed NOTHING..Nige…drawing a huge salary for doing NOTHING and you should be in jail for inciting racial hatred in what was once a tolerant country to further your own politicl aims. fuck off to Trumpland where you belong.

  4. The problem is that no-one has explained to the media the difference between “frontline politics” and heckling.

  5. He will have to wait and see if he is going to prison for fraud 1st. He lied on his application to become a German citizen. His application was submitted the day after the referendum.. So when Mr Farage talks about “we” when discussing Brexit he obviously does not mean “Him” as he was planning to stay in the EU via his German citizenship.

  6. Money running out, Donald couldn’t get you a work visa, as plenty of Americans already do what you do. NOTHING. And not much chance of you becoming a Lord either. LOL

  7. Hang on Nige, aren’t you planning to be German? Oh wait . . . that was another of your plans that went tits up!

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