What a week for the Scottish Conservatives! Today a Scottish Tory councillor has been reinstated, after being suspended for anti-Catholic tweets. As a small token to show that the councillor was mending his broken ways, Ruth Davidson gave her assurances that the councillor would attend meetings with anti-sectarian group Nil By Mouth. The organisation however has heard nothing from either the councillor, Davidson or the Scottish Conservatives…

Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, defended the reinstatement of Cllr. Alastair Majury –who had used a secret Twitter account to post derogatory remarks about Catholics, including using the term ‘tarrier’– by telling the BBC:

“I fully understand the criticism that’s come in, but both [councillors] have undertaken not only to do diversity training, but on top of that sitting down with Nil By Mouth, the anti-sectarian organisation.”

However, Nil By Mouth were surprised by Davidson’s comments. A spokesman said:

“When this story emerged, we offered to work with the elected members ­concerned to help them understand why their tweets caused such controversy and upset…A Conservative Party spokesperson indicated that the ­member involved would take part in such a ­meeting. Sadly, we have heard nothing from either the councillor or the party.”

SNP MSP James Dornan told the Catholic Observer:

“Not only is it a disgrace that these councillors have been deemed suitable to return to the Tory party by Ms Davidson, it appears that they have done absolutely nothing to change their bigoted opinions.”

Starting to see a pattern here…

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