Tory MPs have demonstrated how down to earth they are, by predicting Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson as most likely successor to Eternal Leader Theresa May.

The consumer research agency Populus interviewed 102 Members of Parliament, asking their predictions for their next party leader. 

“When asked who they think will be their next leader – whether in six months’ or six years’ time, and however the opening arises – a third (32%) of Conservative MPs identify the Foreign Secretary and a fifth name the Brexit Secretary, David Davis.”

YouGov lists Boris Johnson as having a net popularity score of -32, and with “Buffoon” as the most popular word attributed to him. It was only this week that even Trump’s White House aides told The Times that they “don’t want to go anywhere near Boris because they think he’s a joke.”


  1. He has insulted so many people and so many countrys that he almosr rivals the great trump himself, Disgusting lightweight with an actor’s instinct for advertising himself. This is going to be a comedy show!

  2. Wow. From the out-of-touch, fascistic morons like Rees-Mogg and Raab on the back-benches to the incompetent, international laughing stock that is the Cabinet and the vile, fascistic chinless wonders in the Active Hate “yoof” wing, the Tory Party really is spoilt for choice, isn’t it?

    I blame inbreeding.

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