Another tedious Tebbit tantrum. Tory peer Lord Norman Tebbit took the opportunity to tell Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 5 this morning to perform a little John Cleese impression to wail about Europe: “When the hell did they save us from anything nasty?”

Tebbit told Vine:

“You look at the number of occasions that we, the Brits, saved Europe from something –Elizabeth I saved Europe from the Spaniards, and Wellington saved Europe from Emperor Napoleon, then Lloyd George and his colleagues saved us from the Kaiser…then Churchill and Attlee saved us from Hitler’s National Socialists. When the hell did they save us from anything nasty?”

Only this week, Tebbit wrote a column for The Telegraph, where he compared the Labour Party to Oswald Moseley’s Fascists, and managed to make a bizarre attack on Diane Abbott and the LGBT movement:

“The Labour mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has brought the rather charming floral Thames bridge project to a halt… If only Boris had called it the London Garden Bridge Trust (or LGBT for short), Diane Abbot might have fought to the death to save it.”

  1. I wonder whether he has considered that our armies have fought in most countries on the European mainland. They have not invaded us since the Norman conquest. So they have spared our country visits by their ‘fat, old, white, bigoted men; and their wargames.

  2. “When the hell did they save us from anything nasty?”

    When the EEC prevented Norman Tebbit implementing a policy?

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