BBC Radio 4 Today is in hot water, after inviting Tory dinosaur Lord Nigel Lawson to share his climate-change denying views in a panel discussion with leading climate scientists.

Bizarrely, the BBC thought the diet-book author and ex-politician would provide much-needed balance in the complex discussion on climate change and energy policy.

Lawson told listeners that climate change was a “non-issue,” and that prominent climate change campaigner Al Gore was “the sort of bloke who goes around saying the end of the world is nigh!”

Unsurprisingly, the scientific community were merciless:

It’s not the first time either that the BBC has been forced to apologise for airing climate-change deniers, which makes their decision to interview Lawson –a man who founded UK’s most notorious climate-change denial policy forum, and who recently lauded Trump’s exit from the Paris climate deal–  all the more perplexing.



What next, tin foil hats?

  1. I read Lawson’s 1984 Mais Lecture. he said, ” if only workers would work for lower wages, there would be more jobs.” Undoubtedly the stupidest man to be Chancellor since Philip Snowden in 1931.

  2. A clear sign of the growing Right wing nature of R4. Poor! As if that idiot had ANYTHING of value to say about science!!! Only pandering to the pro US lobby.

  3. Radical isn’t the word , I’d use

    A 85 year old man with a hair shade & hue , previously only seen on Grand National Winners – ridiculous & vain – the same goes for Max Hastings

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