Ex-Kipper and Leave.EU founder Arron Banks made astonishing claims today that children should not be taught that homosexuality is “a great lifestyle choice.”

Banks had been attempting to defend a UKIP London Assembly Member, David Kurten, who had been deemed unfit for office having made homophobic comments.

Many commentators were rightly disgusted by Banks’ comments:

When a Tweeter tried in vain to show Banks the utter stupidity of his comments, asking “When did you choose the straight lifestyle Arron?” Banks replied:

And then when others told him that homosexuality still remains an issue –see Chechnya, ongoing Australian same-sex marriage debates, or the BBC’s recent work on rising rates of homophobic violence in the UK– all Banks had to say was:


  1. The last I heard and my gay neighbours would gladly confirm this, is it’s part of whom a person is and not a lifestyle choice. This gentleman should perhaps return to the caves where he belongs. However, the Neanderthals would probably kick him out for his dated ideas.

  2. Given the massive rise in homophobia one would be stupid indeed to embrace such a mindset. May we please allow our children to be children and not overburdened by this sort of overt sexuality. The ‘lifestyle’ is far less objectionable then the blatant ‘Heterosexual’ aggression on display by so many. Both sexes need to be treated with equal respect gay or not! Dont be so judgmental. You do not have the right.

  3. Dominic Torley says:

    It is NOT a lifestyle choice! Who would want to choose a lifestyle that leaves them open to bigotry and abuse? You do not make a choice to be heterosexual so why does this gobshite think a person makes a lifestyle choice to be gay?!!
    Children should be taught that love is the most important thing, Love is Love ❤️

  4. I didn’t choose to be gay, just as I didn’t choose to have ginger hair – neither is a lifestyle choice. But children DO need to be taught that being gay, or ginger, or in any way different is OK. 50 years after partial decriminalisation we still suffer bigotry and homophobia, this will only be conquered by inclusive enlightened education and certainly not by heteronormative self-appointed pundits like Aaron Banks. Love is love.

  5. A lifestyle choice, will these bigots ever learn. It is not a lifestyle being gay. Living in a tent instead of a house, could be a lifestyle, wearing a hat could be a lifestyle but not being LGBTI. Because of people like him, pride and education is important about the fact that LGBTI people and children still trying to understand their feelings which might not be the same as their friends is fine, being gay, is fine the more socially acceptable it become the easier for everyone !!

  6. Tired of being a heavy metal fan, I was ready to embrace homosexuality because it was quite fashionable where I lived in brighton but then they didn’t let me into a gay club so I took up heroin instead. Because that’s how it happens.

  7. The fact that this individual sees it as ‘a lifestyle choice’ speaks volumes about his mental capacity and should ring alarm bells about his ability to assess something far more complex … i.e. Brexit. God save us from these mentally deficients.

  8. Susan Chapman says:

    The issue is what is being taught in schools to young children. Any Programme where the teacher starts the lesson, “You must not tell your parents about any of this” is unwelcome.

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