Considering she voted just two weeks ago against giving police officers an overdue pay rise, it was pretty brave of Home Secretary Amber Rudd to show her face at last night’s police bravery awards.

Brave or totally shameless. Despite their differences, the Police Federation graciously invited Rudd to present some officers with their awards.

But they weren’t going to let her leave without cracking a couple of gags at her expense and making their feelings clear about the Government’s contempt for public servants.

In his introductory speech, Police Federation chair Steve White said:

“A very warm welcome back for the Home Secretary, for whom last year was her first Bravery Awards. Indeed it was her first day in the job. So I think happy anniversary is in order as well.

“And let’s be honest on the 8th of June, you may have thought it had been your last [Bravery Awards] last year.” 

And, to loud cheers from Britain’s bravest officers, he added:

“We’re very glad that you are here as Home Secretary to celebrate and be in awe of our brave officers. 

“And, Home Secretary, thank you for agreeing to present an award later…would that be the 2.8% pay award that we asked for?” 

You can watch it for yourself below from 4.45m:

Rudd took it on the chin and presented the national bravery award to three police officers who tackled a gun wielding man in a pub.

One of the three winners, Michael Otterson, shared this post on Twitter last month:

As Amber Rudd learned at last night’s dinner, you can’t have your cake and eat it. You either respect public servants enough to pay them properly or you don’t.

The Tories are walking a thin blue line…

  1. Our doctors nurses policemen and women firefighters and all government staff provide the framwork for a secure healty life. This government represents the lowest level of intelligence in UK life.

  2. Our doctors, nurses, police men and women, firefighters and all our government staff provide the framework for a secure healthy life. This government represents the lowest level of intelligence in UK life. May, Hunt, Rudd and Johnson in particular need to go…

  3. Alexander NcMillan says:

    Alexander McM
    Cameron started the denigration of public service workers, backed by Tory press. They first attacked Local Authority staff and when that went down well, they knew Nurses, Junior Doctors, Police, Fire Service could get same treatment. Privileged people look down on everyone who has no privileges.

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