It might look like a satirical headline but the director of the official campaign to leave the EU during last year’s referendum really has admitted Brexit might turn out to be a terrible mistake.

Dominic Cummings – the man responsible for the lie on a bus – has branded the decision to call the referendum “dumb” and said the voters may have made an “error” by believing his spin.

The former special advisor to Michael Gove casually admitted he may have helped lead Britain into the abyss in a late night Twitter exchange.

Responding to a blog post by Cummings about Brexit, Financial Times journalist David Allan Green asked:

To which Cummings replied:

On one level that is incredibly honest.

But Scrapbook suspects he knew that all along and is getting nervous about having wilfully misled the British public into an act of self harm.

The definition of playing politics with people’s lives…

  1. Tony Hardwivk says:

    Another expert failing to think through his stupidity. No doubt he pocketed a tidy sum of money for his work of vandalism and the great red bus lie.

  2. Roger Coates says:

    For all its faults, the EU is still worthy of support. Brexit will be a catastrophe. We must remain in the EU and campaign to reform and modernise it from within.

  3. Unfortunately, we have NO idea where this HUGE mistake on the electorate’s part will lead us. Although I normally have no time whatsoever for a Tory viewpoint, I have to admit that the most sensible comment of all was Ken Clarke’s when he said that Maggie May will be leading us all down the rabbit hole!

  4. We need a PM with the balls to have a new ‘honest’ referendum, obviously the Maybot is not that person.

  5. Jacqueline mccreanor says:

    both sides did not give enough proper details during their campaign. they all lied therefore there should be either another referendum there should have not been one in the first place this was cause of all problems people being certain they have the following to get enough support

  6. The Remain campaign gave loads of pretty specific factual warnings, many of which have or are about to come true. If you recall, the economists, scientists, environmentalists and charities who almost entirely said it would be a complete disaster were written off as ‘experts’, and that creep Gove said we were all fed up with experts. No, the liars, the fudgers and the snake oil sellers were almost entirely on the Leave side, and a chunk of the British public chose to believe them rather than those boring people who told the truth.

  7. norman longworth says:

    Unfortunately it seems to be impossible for people to admit that they made a mistake. They rationalise it into ‘it’s the other side that’s responsible’ for the problems. Mr Cummings is one of the few – if he means it.

  8. I see that Scrapbook, ‘suspects he knew…’. Cummings said voters, ‘may have made an error…’ Brexit ‘may turn out to be a terrible mistake…’. Sadly spin is accepted by those who have no mind of their own but I wish more people would trust their own judgement and see these articles for what they really are.

  9. As a nation, we voted to tell our European neighbours we’d be better off without them. We also told all expats living here they aren’t welcome – those that are here will be tolerated, but their friends and family will have to prove their worth before they’re let in.
    These European neighbours, btw, are part of the biggest and most prosperous trading bloc in the world and we told them they need us more than we need them.
    And some people thought this would end well….

  10. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t just Cummings and the big lying bus, the right-wing media were hugely to blame, capitalising on the fact that the voting public would, first and foremost, be motivated by selfishness and racist issues. The complexity and ramifications leaving the EU are too arcane for the majority of people to fully understand and once the referendum was called, the media were poised to take control of the minds of the voting public. That’s where the blame lies. Cummings et al simply supplied the media with ammunition.

  11. This will be an entirely calculated position. Cummings knows exactly what he’s doing. Probably the beginnings of a Gove leadership challenge resulting in Cummings back at the helm (behind the scenes).

  12. Will the Sun/Express/Telegraph/Mail give this prominent print room? I think we all know the answer to that.

  13. Brian Hinchcliffe says:

    The UK is now having to negotiate because of a series of stupid mistakes, misinformation, false promises and downright lying. The UK is also having to negotiate with EU leaders who know exactly what happened and why. They are fully aware of the advisory basis of the referendum, the puerile format of the binary choice without division, the sudden and undemocratic declaration of “the will of the people”, when no such thing is the case. EU leaders watched all this happen and unlike most UK politicians have NOT forgotten how the UK made itself the laughing stock of the world

  14. The error was Camerons in allowing the vote to go ahead, we then had massive lies thrown out to the electorate by the leave campaign (government ministers) then combined with media racist frenzy.
    Therefore, the vote to leave should have been illeagal and void.

  15. Why is Cumming’s surprised that Brexit is turning in to a disaster. Just under half of those who voted in the referendum had already worked that out as the information was already out there.

  16. Frederick Robinson says:

    ‘Well we are leaving so get over it’. ‘Anonymous’ has neither identity nor originality of thought or expression.

  17. Keith Bollands says:

    I find it perplexing that the government can u-turn or back-pedal with alacrity on anything except Brexit. They have followed the direction of “the whim of the people” for over a year; the destination looks just as dire as predicted at the start of the journey, with no discernible up-side; apart from nonsense about the shape of bananas and the colour of passports, Leavers can advance no justification other than “we won the referendum”. It’s time for Responsible Adults to call an end to this madness.

  18. Sue Campbell says:

    I have never come across a Brexiteer who can provide a reasoned argument in favour of their stance and the comment by Anonymous is so typical of their stupidity.

  19. What a load of nonsense you Remoaners talk – Brexit will be the best thing that has EVER happened to the UK.

  20. Kris Taylor says:

    good comment from Keith Bollands – surely a U Turn on Brexit is the only sane way forward. Let’s start talking about all the positive things membership of the EU brings and let’s start running the country instead of being distracted with negotiations which cannot possibly bring about anything better than what we have.

  21. Pete McBlade says:

    We should have another referendum stating facts and truths only.
    There should also be an independant non biased body whose function would be to challenges lies, unknowns, stats from both sides.
    This way the great British public can confidently vote on the true facts.

  22. If the price of leaving is high (which it will be) and if that price is made clear (which it should and might be) and if people who voted to leave start to reconsider in significant numbers (which they will) then the will of the people is no longer the will of the people. Whither get over it then?

  23. David Thompson says:

    “Well we are leaving so get over it” – maybe that should be the negotiating strategy with the EU – it would lick them into shape.

    There never should have been a referendum – and certainly not a binary choice for something so complicated – and our elected representatives should have the courage to add a third option to their current mantra – ‘Staying in is better than no deal or a bad deal’

  24. Alicia Hall says:

    All divorces are extremely painful and expensive. Especially if the other party are being difficult… onward and upward….

  25. Pauline Smith says:

    Should not have had referendum. It was only done because of Nigel Farage and his UKIP gang. David Cameron was a fool to succomb to the pressures and loud mouth bigots of UKIP. they had no plan on exit, there never was a plan. Decisions made on the hoof and all lies lies and more damned lies. We are going down the river with no paddles, no decent captain and its an awful mess. Farage to the tower to be hung drawn and quartered. Please do not show his face on tv or in the press ever again. People were sold a pup that had no future and sucjed up false promises.

  26. Robin le mare says:

    For me, the most offensive and determined characters in the referendum treason are Daniel Hannan, Johnson, Farage, then comes Cummings and Gove along with the Plutocrats’ papers and their editors (Dacre et al), and their puppet Cameron. I have no time for those who say they “respect the result”, as there is nothing worthy of respect in the whole corruption of UK polity. Not a repeat referendum, but legal action against this crowd is what is needed. Maybe a public crowdfunding to pay for the exercise, and I expect there are plenty of bright eloquent people who’d give of their expertise, start with AC Grayling, Owen Jones, Gina Miller…

  27. David Vaughan says:

    The most annoying thing to me about all this is that everyone seems to forget that a referendum is not legally binding, it’s only an opinion poll and we all know what opinions are.

  28. Michael Streeter says:

    Maybe he should emigrate? The Aussies need help getting a mandate to form a republic.

  29. Not in reality the “will of the people” the media barons and Tory henchmen got the answer they wanted by weighting the dialogue and mainlining their propoganda through the MSM.

  30. Raymond Austen says:

    So who has the guts to lead us out of this mess?
    Where is the man or woman ready to seize the moment.

  31. All these comments just show that people are afraid of the unknown – no one today can predict the future of the UK at this moment in time, it will show what opportunities will arise and what challenges we might face – but in contrary to the current situation we the people as well as the people we elect to govern will have it options to steer the ship without anyone else deciding our path from a regulatory perspective – we will have the chances to look into our best interest and dont need to assure that everyone in the block is being looked after … looking a Greece, Spain and others – the distraction at the moment is project fear once again – I’d like to see constructive comments, assessments as well as people to take on the job and make it a success – the EU faces challenges as well and I strongly believe the impact is more challenging for the EU in the long run than what we have to do now and can achieve in future in our own powers. Lets just get to work.

  32. Fake news is Remain news………………..FACT =LEAVE WON……… regrets at all.

  33. Gordon Ingram says:

    I’d love to play this guy at poker: “In some possible branches of the future, voting leave will turn out to be an error.” This is a classic example of what is known as results-oriented thinking – the belief that a decision was right or wrong based on whether you made or lost money. People who can actually play poker know that sometimes you make the right decision and lose money, and sometimes (much less obviously) you make the wrong decision and win money. Brexit will always be a bad decision economically no matter what happens, because all the signs were that it would lose the country money.

  34. Out, out & out again!! Britain 1st & always 1st…. to all those that call us morons & stupid for backing the leave campaign, i say to you, are you truly happy with the state of Britain & how we’re ripped off every day, month & year by the non-elected idiots in Brussels?? Those people are the liers, cheats & theives of this world!

  35. To all the eternal whinging bastards,who still hold out hope for a second referendum it’s not gonna happen ! but you dream .in the meantime how about another go with the recent election .does that seem fair to you ?

  36. Are you lot still remoaning???? FFS, give it a bloody rest will you!!! Were going and that’s that. End of.

  37. With you 3 guys above we are leaving and that’s the end of it. Have the doom and glume merchants considered the future under an ever expanding EU dictatorship, where there is no democracy. Oh I forgot democracy is not top of your list of priorities lol

  38. Seems there is a lot of remainers who really need to start doung some serious homework on facts about your wonderful europe…just one little fact to help you on your,s recent article on net providers to help prop up tgeir bank accounts…if that does,nt make you think why then your braindead .

  39. Paul Tempany says:

    I see Mark says:
    July 4, 2017 at 2:20 pm
    What a load of nonsense you Remoaners talk – Brexit will be the best thing that has EVER happened to the UK.

    As ever, no facts, no reasons. Just vitriol. I’ve worked indutry, had my own business, worked for central gvt. and for the EC. I have only found one Brexiter who had a valid reason, but hers was that weak implementation of minimum wage and no living wage meant immigrants were undercutting her salary. A UK Gvt issue, nothing to do with the EU.

  40. what a pile of crock…Still waiting for the world to fall in. Pick up your toys, grow a pair…. and get on with it, dragging it out is weakening the process.

  41. To the morons saying reform the EU, you mean like the EU were willing to change in Feb 2016 when we forced their hand (and they did nothing)?

    Not only do they wish to not change, they wish to do the opposite: more integration, EU army, EU tax policies etc.

    It IS on its way to becoming a federal superstate!

  42. Lawrence Target says:

    Let’s make this perfectly clear, it wasn’t a mistake, people were deliberately lied to and conned and scared in to and that is what won the day ignorance and bigotry, those people that perpetrated this lying con should be shot for their deception and deliberate damage to or country

  43. Felix Northwood says:

    There is a way out of this mess. President Macron has made it perfectly clear the UK could change its mind about leaving and would welcome that decision. It is likely he could persuade the rest of the EU to agree. We need to start campaigning NOW for a referendum on whether to accept the deal when it is negotiated or to reject it and stay. By that time it will be abundantly clear that the UK will be a much worse position by leaving. The negotiators will have to accept all current and future EU regulations to keep our trading terms and will get very little in the way of border control. They will likely agree to keep paying a substantial contribution for the trading rights. The deal will be a shambles and the British public will almost certainly vote against if, given the chance.

  44. When will these remoaners realise that the referendum showed the majority of voters said LEAVE. Yet they are still throwing their toys out of the pram and spouting their left wing retoric. No matter what your decision was you cannot change nor dismiss the result. Democracy Rules

  45. Give me one example, ONE EXAMPLE, of a company that will sell more outside the EU than it currently does within it. There’s no way it can be more economic to sell things to Australia or the US than 22 miles across the Channel

  46. Julian mellowes says:

    He has one of the age old problems of integrity: he’s prepared to admit the campaign was wrong, but he’s not about to give back any of the money he was paid.

  47. It’s about time people stopped moaning and goes behind the country, we thrived for hundreds of years outside the EU and we can again, there’s no way they’ll stop trading with us because millions of their workers rely on making goods for us, and we need to remember it was an illegal act to enter in the first place it was against the British constitution.

  48. The standard Brexiteers response to any objections raised to our crashing out of Europe seems to be: “We won – get over it”. In 1975 we held a referendum on whether to remain or leave Europe. Just over 67% voted to stay, just under 33% voted to leave. For 41 years thereafter the right wing (‘Eurosceptics’) of the Tory Party, the Murdoch Press, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and, in particular, The Daily Mail, indulged in a constant propaganda battle, part information, part disinformation, about Europe, with the sole intent of getting the UK out. In 1993 UKIP was created. If Brexiteers believe so passionately, as they claim, in “the will of the people”, why did they not accept the – exceedingly clear – verdict of 1975? If it has been acceptable for them to argue against that clear mandate for 41 years, why is it unacceptable for those they call “Remoaners” to argue their case following the far less decisive 52/48 result of last year? Just asking…….

  49. Charlie Harris says:

    If Cummings is serious, then why doesn’t he hire a bus and tour the UK for a few weeks with the slogan: I lied- Brexit is a big mistake that will cost more than £350 million a week.

  50. Dear ‘Anonymous’ – the Vote Leave bus said “We send the EU £350 million a week”. That’s £18.2 billion per year. The FULL UK membership fee was set at £17 billion per year (£326, 923,000 per week), not £18.2. The UK takes a rebate on membership of £4 billion. Thus the UK “sent” £250,000,000 per week to the EU. That, of course, is before EU spending in the UK (£4.5 billion for 2016) is taken into account. The “true” NET figure is thus £165,384,600 per week. I could, more accurately, say “The EU sends us over £86 million a week”. That’s not a full picture, but at least it’s true. “We send the EU £350 million a week” was a lie, no matter how you use the figures. As for spending the money on the NHS……………

  51. Dear Anonymous – of course, had I used the Vote Leave Accounting Method I would have claimed that
    “The EU sends us £180 million a week”.
    That would be the money we ACTUALLY receive from the EU, PLUS the Rebate, plus 10% for luck, then rounded up.
    “The EU sends us £180 million a week” 😉
    Most, if not all, of the leading Leave campaigners are on record as wanting to privatise the NHS…………………………

  52. elizabeth rose says:

    Never should have had the refetendum. It was a huge mistake. If there was a referendum to bring back hanging no doubt the mob would vote yes to that. What an awful mess we are in.

  53. 63% of the electorate did not vote to Leave. A ‘Don’t know’ option is a valid choice, which we weren’t given.

  54. Brexit is the best decision this country made. The eu is an ever increasing dictatorship working towards a superstate. Anyone stupid enough to belittle Brexit and praise the eu has got their heads up their arses. We have continued to out perform the eu economically ever since the result last year. That’s one reason in itself to leave.

  55. The referendum was inevitable.
    The only choices were when, the details of the referendum question and if it was lead a Remain or Brexiteer Con leader.

  56. Philip James says:

    Brexit out is the reality, great, we me included for trade not the political garbage that followed . A loss of sovereignty and democracacy is too much to pay.
    As a major ( 5th) market they need our trade. Also our weakness to following rules which are not in our interest is the joke of Europe, we are a soft cash cow which until the vote could be milked at their will.
    We need a lot more political accountability ,what ever one’s bias Britain voted out – end of .

  57. Marion Sumerfield says:

    I’ve still got the Government leaflet which was sent out to everyone before the Referendum … It said leaving would lead to economic uncertainty .. etc etc …
    Just too prophetic for words. The Ref should never have happened. The issues were too complex to be subjected to such a simplistic YES/NO question.

  58. Brexit will work out for the best. We as a nation will make it work.

    As we have made membership of the EU work and that is the most corrupt, bureaucratic, none democratic contrivance ever imposed on this country and it people by a Tory.

    People that say Brexit won’t work or it is a disaster do not show any confidence in themselves to succeed or the countries ability to rise when challenged. This is not the first time we have stood alone on the outside of Europe while its people were being dictated to by an equally repulsive organisation.

  59. Toni Massari says:

    No s#it Sherlock? Hard to know whether to laugh or cry… A new species, the Brexit Lemmings, getting second thoughts AFTER they launched the whole of the UK off the Cliffs of Dover.

  60. ‘People that say Brexit won’t work or it is a disaster do not show any confidence in themselves to succeed or the country’s ability to rise when challenged’.

    Which is all welI and good, except I could not have put it better than the late Geoffrey Howe when talking about his (then) female Tory leader since, somewhat eerily, it now applies to our Brexit negotiation team tasked in Brussels by May to negotiate with Europe:

    “It’s rather like sending our opening batsmen to the crease only for them to find that before the first ball is bowled, their bats have been broken by the team captain”.

  61. For Christ sake why the hell cant you just grow the hell up. The leave campaign won so bloody deal with it. Why oh why would anyone want to belong to a corrupt undemocratic dictatorship? The eu are so far up their own rectum it’s painful to witness. Hitler’s sister merkel has totally ruined Europe all by herself with the crazy invasion that is taken not hold and it is going to get worse. Lastly I do not wish to life in a state within the United States of Europe.

  62. I think it’s perhaps more frudent to ask ….. what idiots believed this and voted leave because of it.

  63. A Human Being says:

    Either way, it will end in tears. What a shambles and party before country politics continues.

  64. Gwyn Pritchard-Williams says:

    The EE ‘s ultimate aim is to remove each sovereign countries individuality and subsume them into a superstate governed by the hugely powerful, expensive, out of control (none of the decades of the EE’ s annual accounts have passed basic audits) and unelected super beaurocracy
    The prominent remainers, you will note, in the main are dependant, in some form or other, on the largesse of the EU. so no wonder they squealing so vehemently!!!

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