The former director of the Vote Leave campaign has launched an expletive-laden rant about Theresa May’s pursuit of hard Brexit days after admitting quitting the EU could prove to be an “error.”

Scrapbook reported last Tuesday that Dominic Cummings called the EU referendum “dumb” and said: “In some possible branches of the future leaving will be an error.”

Now the former government advisor has gone nuclear about the PM’s decision to drag Britain out of the European atomic agency (Euratom) – which doctors warn today could cause a shortage of medical supplies used to treat cancer patients.

The Government are insisting on withdrawing from the body because it’s under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

Cummings issued this, er…strongly worded response on Twitter:

To summarise: Cummings thinks the “crap” decision was “unacceptable bullshit” from a “shambolic” government of “morons”.

He should know…

  1. Mark Chandler says:

    Yet another totally dogmatic and ridiculous idea.
    The only reason May has such an obsession with the ECJ is because almost every time a Conservative British government was brought before it they lost!
    Typical really. The approach is, “we make the rules so it’s OK if we break them”
    Unfortunately for the Tories that’s illegal and they will end up in court.
    With the amount of lawyers and barristers in the government you think they might have realised that!

  2. Ian Stevenson says:

    what the referendum was about was never defined. Since then people have been asserting that know what it was about ‘really’. The whole issue was sloppily presented and they knew it was.

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