They say the only good Tory is a lavatory – perhaps that’s why the party’s councillors in Lancashire have chosen to do their…er…business there.

Lancashire county councillor Paul Greenall dramatically defected from the Tories yesterday after claiming he was put under pressure to stay quiet over expenses.

The two time Parliamentary candidate said he was threatened with being sacked the Tory group – and even lent on in the toilets.

Greenall resigned on the spot and walked across the floor to sit with the independents at yesterday’s council meeting, but not before describing the “undemocratic” actions of his former party:

“Not only have I been advised that if I speak my mind on this issue I will face ‘consequences’ and the prospect of being removed from the Conservative group. 

“But incredibly one colleague suggested I must seek ‘dispensation’ from the whip and leader before I can speak on a matter of conscious. 

“This may be granted as long as I am not ‘grandstanding’, which I hope I am not now. 

“How utterly, utterly ridiculous. And even since I’ve been in the building this afternoon I’ve been approached by two people trying to stop me from speaking – one even in the gents toilets. 

“How crazy does this become.”

You can watch the speech and his defection on the Council’s website by clicking here. The Tory group leader declined to give a comment to the Lancashire Evening Post.

Greenall had taken exception to the fact that party whips and secretaries receive extra money and councillors are able to claim food and travel expenses for attending council meetings.

Scrapbook thinks it’s important that money shouldn’t be a barrier to people representing their communities.

But this just takes the p*ss…

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