The Tories have celebrated Pride by electing a politician who (quite literally) wrote the book on intolerance as the joint leader of their group in the European Parliament.

Ryszard Legutko, author of “Why I am not tolerant”, was elected this week to serve alongside Tory MEP Syed Kamall.

Legutko is a member of Poland’s authoritarian Law and Justice Party, the second largest party in the European Conservatives and Reformist Group (ECR).

The group – which Nick Clegg said consisted of “nutters, anti-Semites, people who deny climate change exists and homophobes” – was formed in 2009 after David Cameron pulled the Tories out of the centre-right group as a sop to Brexiteers.

Former ECR chairman Michal Kaminski called gay people “faggots” – but Labour MEP Glennis Willmot said Lugutko makes him “appear to be a moderate.”

Legutko’s views caused embarrassment for the Tories when he ran unsuccessfully for the leadership of the group in 2011.

It was second time lucky for Legutko on Wednesday, when he was elected seemingly unopposed.

It means one of the European Parliament’s most prominent opponents of gay (human) rights is now in joint control of the Tory group’s activities.

Here has described Pride as “offensive” and gay people should not be proud:

“The demonstrations are aggressive, anti-Christian and shocking. Dressing up as priests and nuns in sexual situations is wrong and offensive.

“I don’t understand why anyone should want to be proud of being a homosexual. Be proud of what you do, not of being a homosexual.”

And this is how he characterised the movement for LGBT rights:

“A tyranny of the minority which has taken over the main institutions and main ideologies in the western world. Now they have entered European institutions and dictate their rules.”

In this France 24 video, he argues that equal marriage is an “unnecessary, destructive experiment”:

When his views were raised in the 2011 content, Legutko said: “Some of my closest friends are homosexuals and I don’t have a problem with them.”

That old chestnut.

The Tories have certainly proved themselves tolerant recently – unfortunately of all the wrong people…

  1. Legukto is a despicable human being. He belongs a couple of centuries back. Like the Tory Party.

  2. We now have the living proof that the Conservative Party, as it currently exists, is totally hostile to the United Kingdom Electorate., and not for the first time will the worst of Mrs May’s Minions be known as being the true “Enemies of the People”.

    Did I just write that???? Well if I am wrong, I’m sure there’ll be someone out there to offer a correction…or indeed a confirmation!

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