A weak Prime Minister facing a coup from inside her own Cabinet attempting to relaunch herself with a speech about insecure work. It would have been rude not point out the irony.

ITV political editor Robert Peston dutifully stepped up to the plate, asking Theresa May:

“Prime Minister, slightly flippantly perhaps, recent events in your own life…do you think they’ve made you slightly more sympathetic to insecure employment.”

Needless to say she didn’t respond, but the point had been made – another own goal for the blue team. 

And it seemed to throw May off track as she stumbled over her response to the next question, saying: “Sorry I was thinking of something else.”

To the Tories complaining that Peston’s question was a cheap shot, remember May made the same sort of gag at the expense of Corbyn at PMQs this time last year.

It didn’t get any better on the substance of the report: May refused to commit to making any of the watered down proposals Government policy.

Prime Minister – just another job stolen by a robot…

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