A seemingly innocuous holiday snap of Nigel Farage on a fishing trip has been hastily deleted. And here’s why…

The photo is of Nigel Farage with pro-Russian Republican politician Dana Rohrabacher, who is known in the States as “Putin’s favourite Congressman”.

Rohrabacher has close links to Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, who is named in the emails released by Donald Trump Junior.

They show that Manafort accompanied Trump Junior to the now notorious meeting with a Russia lawyer, who promised dirt on Hilary Clinton.

Rohrabacher has also met the lawyer and is the only person who Manafort met in his previous job as a “foreign agent” for a pro-Russian Ukranian political party.

The fishing trip photo was deleted by Rohrabacher this afternoon after it was published on social media by Guardian journalist  

She put together the pieces of the political puzzle in this Twitter thread:

Farage strongly denies any links to Russia. He remains a “person of interest” to the FBI.

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  2. JBigglesworth says:

    Join the dots: Tory Party gets money from people connected to Putin via their various “dining clubs” and events like the Black and White Ball. Their new partners, the DUP, exploiting NI’s special funding loopholes to funnel money from undisclosed sources into the Leave campaign. Tax exiles and other questionable individuals pour money into Farage’s campaign. One even boasted about breaking funding rules.

    The campaign that wants a result that destabilises the UK and the EU wins. Across the pond, a candidate who promises to re-establish an isolationist USA, destabilise the West, NATO and the EU also wins under questionable circumstances.

    Farage, May and Gove (in company with Murdoch) fall over themselves to suck up to Trump at the earliest possible opportunity whilst the rest of the world pushes him away with a bargepole.

    Qui bono?

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