The Tories have overseen a mass exodus of teachers from England’s secondary schools since coming to power and imposing the cap on public sector pay.

It was revealed at the weekend that Chancellor Philip Hammond believes that public sector workers like teachers are “overpaid.”

If that’s the case, then can he explain freshly public figures which reveal the number of teachers in state-funded secondaries has fallen every year but one since 2010?

There were 219,000 secondary school teachers in November 2010, but that had fallen to 208,200 by last November.

That’s a drop of 10,800 teachers at a time when a rising population is pushing up pupil numbers every year.

The worrying trend is revealed by Schools Minister Nick Gibb in answer to a written Parliamentary question from Labour’s shadow education secretary Angela Rayner.

Another question tabled by Rayner revealed that a quarter of teachers who have qualified since 2011 have already abandoned the profession.

It comes just a week after the Government announced that teachers’ pay will rise by just 1% – below the rate at which the cost of living is rising.

It’s the seventh consecutive year at which teachers’ pay has been frozen or capped by the government – adding up to a 15% pay cut, according to the National Union of Teachers.

If the briefings against Hammond continue he might soon find himself having to fill in at year 9 economics himself.

That’s about his level on current evidence…

  1. Chris Bergin says:

    I think politicians need to be recognised as public employees and have their pay rises limited to 1% as well. The same should apply to local councillors and leaders. We hear of council leaders who are paid more than the PM which is ridiculous. Private sector help themselves enough from the public purse. why should the executive branches be given leave to do the same and while we’re at it lets curb the expense account scam.

  2. i agree with chris on this let the public services get 1% pay rise and thier pay rises for the last 7 years shuoul be took of them and it all paid back the the money that is paid back to be put into schools and the nhs and the tories should be made to give their pay rises back to give the public sector worker a decent wage

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