Tory voters are the group most likely to believe a fictional TV time lord cannot be credibly played by anyone with a vagina, polls show.

Jodie Whittaker was last night unveiled as the 13th Doctor Who by the BBC to a mostly positive reception – baring Katie Hopkins and her barmy army who are furiously writing letters to the Daily Mail.

Even Theresa May – who says there are “boys jobs and girls jobs” – was pleased with the decision, her spokesperson has told journalists:

But polling shows that Tory supporters – even more so than UKIP voters – are most likely to be furiously penning letters to the Daily Mail about the decision.

A 2013 YouGov poll asked people to rank the the most important criteria that any new doctor must meet.

Supporters of all parties named being male and British as their top two criteria, but these factors were most important for Tories.

The top requirement for Tory voters was that the timelord must be male (65%), followed by British (60%) and white (33%). 

Here’s the priorities for supporters of other parties:

  • UKIP: 1) Male – 61% 2) British – 56% 3) white – 50%

  • Labour: 1) British – 53% 2) Male – 40% 3) A character actor – 32%

  • Lib Dem: 1) British – 49% 2) Male – 42% 3) A character actor – 21%

Three years later, YouGov found that Tory voters were still the most opposed to a woman playing Dr Who.

An April 2016 poll showed 32% of Tories were negative about the prospect, compared to 30% who felt positive.

No other group of people – based on gender, age, class or region – felt as negative at that. Over 65s came the closest with 30% opposing it.

The results for the supporters of other parties were:

  • UKIP: Negative – 30% / Positive – 22%

  • Labour: Negative – 19% / Positive – 40

  • Lib Dem: Negative – 18% / Positive – 47%

The poll also found Tory voters opposed a woman playing Sherlock Holmes (66%), James Bond (65%), Hamlet (60%) and Robin Hood (66%).

They didn’t have a problem with an black or ethnic minority (BME) actor playing Dr Who, James Bond or Robin Hood, but were against a BME actor being cast in the role of Sherlock Holmes, Mr Darcy or Robin Hood.

Who needs the Tardis when you can travel back in time with the Tories…

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