A new Tory MEP is more likely to be found studying paranormal activity than parliamentary activity and claimed the EU could invade to stop Brexit.

Rupert Matthews – described by one Tory MP as “mad as a box of snakes”  was automatically made an MEP for the East Midlands this week after the sitting Tory won a seat at Westminster.

It was second time lucky for Mattews, who had been due to take the place of a retiring MEP in 2012, but was blocked by Tory high command because of his unusual views.

So what were they worried about?

Well, he has written over 30 books on the extraterrestrial, including: Alien Encounters : True-Life Stories of Aliens, UFOs and Other Extra-Terrestrial Phenomena and UFOs: A History of Alien Activity from Sightings to Abductions to Global Threat.

He has taught online courses about the paranormal for the International Metaphysical University, whose website described him as a “professor.”

In this video, Mathews explains: “I’ve been investigating the paranormal for the past 20 years now, I’ve researched ghosts, poltergeist, UFOs and various other phenomenon.”

If all of that sounds a bit bonkers but basically harmless, his theories about European Union are more worrying.

Matthews published a pamphlet called ‘Can Britain leave the EU? A Warning from History’ which claimed: “We might yet see the panzers in Parliament Square.”

The MEP set out his theory that the Lisbon Treaty gives the European Commission the power to invade Britain in this video recorded at Tory party conference in 2011.

He says: “They could go to the German government and say please send us a Panzer division, and if the German government said yes, then the European Commission could send that Panzer division to London and there is nothing the British government could do about it.”

Worryingly, Mathews has been made a member of the European Parliament’s committee for education.

In this case Scrapbook agrees with Michael Gove about “so-called experts”…

  1. He’s one of those people who’ll only believe something so long as there isn’t a shred of proof then…fits the Tories perfectly.

  2. Love his explanation of the American civil war. Yup, the southern states/Confederacy) “did’t want to put up with” slavery anymore, so they choose to break away. This guy is the epitome of Toryism in the modern world. Same with the Tory councilor who thinks Corbyn is the new Hitler – they all have their pet obsessions that have little to do with reality.

  3. Oh well. Does anyone know what the congestion charge is for a Panzer convoy visiting London?

  4. Gail Hughes says:

    The German army currently has 250 Leopard tanks in its entire army. They have two armoured divisions so let’s assume a 50/50 split. That makes 125 tanks in each. Now let’s ignore all the multilateral treaties, NATO agreements and international peace-keeping operations that Germany, and the rest of the EU, would have to renege on in order to mount a military invasion of the nature this bloke talks of here. Is he really telling us that a foreign military would be able to mount a force of 125 tanks and associated infantry in the capital of the UK and “there is nothing the British [sic] government could do about it”? Is that really the degree of impotence that his party in government has brought the the UK defence forces to? A foreign country can put tanks on the streets of London and we are powerless to stop them?

    What is it with the likes of this guy, who seem incapable of grasping the simple concept that the war with Germany ended seventy years ago?

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