An only-half-joking effort is underway to line up double-barrelled, double-breasted Tory toff Jacob Rees-Mogg as a future Conservative leadership candidate.

The pro-Brexit Comment Central site is talking up Mogg as the populist answer to the Corbyn question:

“The party must now plan ahead and ready a candidate willing and able to take on a resurgent Jeremy Corbyn whose popularity – at least according to the polls – is steadily rising.

I believe that person should be Jacob Rees-Mogg.”

There’s a website up and running and a pro-Mogg article was placed in the rabidly eurosceptic Sunday Express yesterday.

The campaign also boasts a new Twitter account with nearly 7,000 followers — suggesting that cash may have been thrown at building a ‘grassroots’ base with advertising on the social media platform.

This development brings to mind recent comments of former Vote Leave campaign director Dominic Cummings in an interview with HuffPo:

Cummings describes the Eurosceptic world as “populated by very odd people. Generally, not always but generally, the longer they have been involved in it, the higher the probability that they will be odd.”

He adds: “the cumulative effect psychologically of being called ‘nutters’ and excluded from things means they become more eccentric over time.”

Scrapbook wishes the Moggmentum campaign the best of luck in their endeavour!

  1. Tory direction extreme right Wing conservatism
    No different to all extreme right wing politicians a world wide dangerous shift

  2. Jane Morwood says:

    Go ahead and appoint him that would ensure Jeremy’s victory. They’ve made a complete balls of it so far so why not put the final nail in the coffin. I’m all for it.

  3. I am enjoying the Tories falling apart. They have entrenched on the far right of politics with Davis, Fox, Johnson, Grayling and this prat Rees Mogg. No matter who they replace May with the younger generations will wipe the floor with them. They are yesterdays people who are seen as supporting right wing extreme capitalism , neoliberalism. They represent no one except big business and the 1 percent.

  4. i am unfortunately a constituent of rees mogg and equally unfortunate to have had many dealings with him over the years.always ineffably polite and always utterly octogenarian mother was at the end of her tether with drug dealing neighbours she went to see him he laughed and said there was nothing he could do as it was curo the landlords problem.this was the final straw and she smashed curos windows.thankuou tees mogg having lived a blameless life at 87 she now has a criminal record and1000s in fines.

  5. robert phillips says:

    my name is robert phillips my mothers name is dorothy phillips itits all on the internet i dont believe this moggmentum is a grass movement at all its probavly financed by his great freinds the rothschilds hes named after his fathers freind and business partner jacob rothschild

  6. robert phillips says:

    the former mp Dan Norris a great freind of Peter Haine has all but vanished from local politics here and has suddenly popprd. up on the prestigious charity the snowden trust alongside surprise surprise a rothschild never any comments on his former beloved constituency where rees moggs fellow conservatives are closing our libraries amongst other cuts.comments please.

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