A UKIP member who once claimed he had witnessed a gay donkey trying to rape his stallion is standing to be party leader for the second time.

John Rees Evans came third out of three in the November 2016 leadership election – as opposed to the September 2016 leadership election.

But he hopes his efforts during the general election – during which he slept in a tent as he toured constituencies helping UKIP candidates try to save their deposits – will be rewarded.

Rees-Evans is best know for his comments about the x-rated behaviour of animals in 2014, which were reported by the Morning Star newspaper.

He made the comment while being quizzed about the dodgy views of his fellow party members by anti-UKIP campaigners.

The campaigners challenged Rees-Evans to distance himself from the following statement by a UKIP branch chair: “Some homosexuals prefer sex with animals.”

But to their surprise, he replied: “Actually I’ve witnessed that.”

“I’ve got a horse and it was in the fields and a donkey came up. My horse is a stallion and the donkey came up, which is male, and I’m afraid, tried to rape my horse. My horse bit the side of the donkey and I had to go and hit my horse to protect the donkey.”

You can watch the incident for yourself in the video below from 1.45…

His entry into the race should make the election hustings with his openly gay rivals David Coburn and Peter Whittle interesting.

He also faces competition from far-right activist Anne Marie Waters, who has described Islam as “evil”.

It’s business as normal for UKIP…

  1. Thomas Evans says:

    He cracked a silly joke.
    But as per normal and typical of UK media they go for that and not for the actual policies that he stands for.

  2. Thomas Evans says:

    David, what has he actually said other than a poor joke that is so wrong?

    This article is another pathetic example of the media trying to stereotype and denounce someone before they have even had a chance to say something.

  3. Martin Morrisey says:

    David, if that was a joke it must’ve been about timing and delivery, because the content leaves a lot to be desired.
    For someone who’s ultimate aim is high office he strikes me as being a bit weird. Maybe he will be able to afford a scriptwriter if the non-bigoted UKIP members elect him. I suspect that this won’t happen, after all the members wouldn’t want him to make asses of them.
    Did you see what I did there David?

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