Culture Secretary Karen Bradley woke up to news this morning that Labour have taken a seat from the Tories in her own back yard.

Labour’s Darren Price gained the Leek East ward on Staffordshire Moorlands District Council with a whopping 25% vote increase.

The victory is even sweeter given that Bradley’s Staffordshire Moorlands constituency wasn’t even among Labour’s top 100 target seats at the last two general elections.

The Culture Secretary maintained a comfortable 10,000 majority on June 8, but Labour did hold the seat between 1997 and 2010 and last night’s result will revive hopes of winning it back next time.

Labour also celebrated something of a surprise win in Cumbria at the expense of the Lib Dems.

Labour won the Alston Moor seat on Eden District Council with 55.8% of the vote – despite not standing there at the last council elections. 

That was no doubt helped by the fact that the Lib Dems couldn’t find a willing candidate.


The Lib Dems also suffered a crushing defeat to an independent in the Midlands after seeing their vote cut in half.

The double blow on the day Vince Cable was elected as leader underlined the upheld challenge he faces in rebuilding the party’s once formidable local base eroded during his time helping to prop up the Tories.

Labour came very close to completing a hat-trick of gains in Kent after a 21% vote increase helped by the absence of a Green candidate.

The party also comfortably held two seats, completing a night that shows there’s still plenty of momentum behind Corbyn mania.

Keep the elections coming…

  1. May the light shine upon Mr corbyn and his amazing ethics and his ever growing team with all if us who wish daily for their victory over nasty tory dishonest greed

  2. These results are a direct result of Mr corbyn policies and the hard work of the candidates and party members Blairite back stables should take note

  3. Great news!. Didn’t hear or see this in the MSM. But then this is good news about the Labour Oarty!

  4. mary dolatshahi says:

    Karan Bradley came to my attention during the election campaign and she didn’t impress me one bit, in fact I thought she was a liability to the Tories with her cutting remarks about Labour when she was interviewed. Low and behold, she was not seen again after that! Tories must have realised it. Love to see her ousted.

  5. Stephen Andrews says:

    It’s about time the people woke up to realise who the real enemy is – the Tory Party. May they continue to decrease!

  6. Well done every one, i have voted labour for the last 46 years apart from when Tony stood i have never voted for a blairshite government new labour never represented the labour party in my opinion

  7. Henry John Scullion says:

    What brilliant news. We have even more momentum now to take this country back from the elites to the workers!!
    Well done all involved.

  8. Yvonne Moore says:

    Excellent work Jeremy. You will be PM one day soon. Keep at it you are winning little by little. The Country needs you.

  9. Michael williamson says:

    The battle for number 10 continues.Well done Jeremy keep up the pressure victory will surely come.

    The next election can’t be too far away and of cause nasty May will leave even soon JC4PM

  10. Happy to see those results. People are listening to Jeremy now and I hope it continues. We need Jeremy Corbyn, to put this country and it`s people back on its feet again. Blairites take note, back him .

  11. Massive swings to Labour will be repeated up and down this land at the next GE thanks to the inspiring leadership of JC. We WILL see the end of May and her back-stabbers very very soon

  12. justin sanford says:

    Rise, like lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number!
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you:
    Ye are many—they are few!

  13. Was the election in East Leek a parliamentary by-election – or what? Does it change the arithmetic of the balance of power in the Parliament. Why, if it was a by-election was there not more publicity?

  14. Gerry Dominey says:

    Diane, it was a local by-election for a Staffordshire Moorlands District Council seat. What these election results indicate is that Labour can now stand most anywhere and have a chance of winning. It is as we on the left have been saying for decades: Labour can win with left-wing policies which inspire people and cut through the nationalist agenda.

  15. Heather Thrussell says:

    Great news. Jeremy works so hard. I wish I had his energy. He’s certainly an inspiration.

  16. Excellent work by these voters whom want better for themselves and their children . They are sick of being downtrodden by this Tory Goverment. They want jobs better schools for their children They want their NHS back and their local areas cleaned up keep up the good work you voters whom have made a great start by voting for Labour. We will make a difference to turn things around for our futures and more importantly for our children

  17. Solid Leekenzien says:

    clutching at straws looking for a trend in leek… it was a single local issue driven campaign.

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