Government by Twitter continues in the US, where Donald Trump has broken news that he’s working on a trade deal with the UK in typically semi-legible fashion.

One word stands out: JOBS! Presumably packing chlorine-washed chickens for UK supermarkets, but still, jobs are on his agenda.

Compare that to what Liam Fox told the American Enterprise Institute about jobs yesterday:

Fox argued that the deal would improve living standards as a whole and said the Government could “mitigate” the effects on communities that lose out.

The truth is that Fox is an arch-Thatcherite that doesn’t care how high the cost is for British workers of delivering his ideological dreams.

An ideology that almost led to Britain’s steel industry being sacrificed on the altar of the uncontrolled capitalism last year.

No wonder Trump is excited. Our Government’s new slogan is: FREE MARKET FIRST…

  1. How stupid our government is we bow down before everyone we’ve gone from one extreme to the other , from imperialist bullies to world doormat.

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