The race to succeed Theresa May as Tory leader has taken an unexpected twist, with the little fancied ‘none of the above’ edging ahead of former frontrunners Boris Johnson and David Davies in the latest opinion poll.

No, this is not the Onion. The hilarious verdict of Tory members was revealed this morning by Conservative Home.

Theresa May might be clinging to her position for dear life, but the same website reported yesterday that her satisfaction rating among the Tory faithful has fallen from +89 before the election to -26. 

A whopping 71% of Tory activists who took part in the survey said she has to go or before the next election.

With her position clearly untenable, the website turned to the race to succeed her as Tory leader – and this is where it gets really funny.

David Davis (24%) and Boris Johnson (18%) were by far an away the most popular members of the cabinet.

But they were beaten into second and third place respectively by ‘other’, which topped the poll with 30%.

The Tories can’t even win a majority in an election against each other…

  1. Clive Riches says:

    I am not anonymous. How can anyone say that May should stay when her own party want her to go? The fact that there is no-one obvious to take over (no-one mentions the dreadful Gove or that sneering Rees-Mogg I notice) is surely a red flag that Tories are not fit to govern)

  2. the only reason she hasn’t gone already is that no body else wants the job she got it unopposed in the first place and things havn’t exactly gone well since

  3. Can’t fix stupid………..

    subjects vote for the few (roughly half the population)
    citizens vote for the many (roughly half the population)

    In this lays our problem, we have a political pendulum preventing serious progress, since ’79’ that pendulum got struck on one-side (Note Social unrest) leading to the rise of Corbyn and his morality police and again threatening to drag us back to the “swing”……… We need serious change, new political representation and the formation of a REAL democracy……….

  4. Serryn Jones says:

    Wait…Corbyn has “morality police”? I thought Mayhem was the one hanging about with the morality police. Aka: Fundie religious whackjobs.
    What do you call people who tried chaining off parks and playing fields on Sundays, because the Sabbath should be reserved for worship only, who believe that being gay is worse than being a child molester and that sex before marriage is a mortal sin if not “morality police”?

  5. Ben Simpson says:

    Trouble is nobody wants the job anyway -bit of a poison chalice with the economy crashing because of Brexit, and we haven’t seen nothing yet. Only question really is how soon before the next election comes -I reckon she will stagger on until mid 2018.

  6. Derek Brundish says:

    All 3 pain political parties are discredited and the electorate wants none of them. We need a progressive centrist alliance which would be essentially apolitical. I see no leader. I see no-one in the 3 parties willing to give up the gravy train. We need a Macron to emerge

  7. Recap Tony Blair was Margret Thatchers greatest achievement ! Jeremy Corbyn is a guy with compassion, integetary and a real vision for a new kind of politices for the everyone! Being the 5 most richest country yes it is achievable.

  8. jill Phillips says:

    … with the DUP (and the Liberals – shamefully and otherwise utterly pointlessly) now in tow – the choice thickens… (or was that the plot?) Wasn’t Arlene even listed?

  9. It is no secret that Theresa May is utterly inept BUT her predecessor Cameron was worse and Blair before him (forget Brown) worse still.
    Indeed, the political legacy of these fools has delivered Brexit and will bankrupt the country for years to perhaps decades to come.

  10. Come on you pillocks – they are all taking orders from the U.N, which has declared ‘U.N. Plan for 2030’ – World Socialism. It’s going to involve mass immigration by the world’s most unsuitable people, the destruction of our economy & way of life, and living as serfs under the jackboot of banks & large corporations. The assets of the rich countries is to be transferred to the poorer countries. In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s been happening for years and the Global Warming scam has been used to implement it. The Labour Party can’t wait for it. The Tories don’t know how to handle it. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

  11. Alan Petrie says:

    I thought Dodgy Dave was the worst PM in British history but weak and wobbly May has proved me wrong. #JC4PM

  12. Macron is hardly centrist. The issue is that the media has continually portrayed labour as “hard” left when the tories are further right than labour are left. They are viciously and continually switching between the disabled, unemployed and public services for cuts vs. Labour who just want to raise the corporation tax a little bit. It’s ridiculous.

  13. John Sullivan says:

    What an absolute mess the Tories have got our once Great Britain now Broken Britain into.

    What a bloody mess, and like it or not the economy is falling off a cliff, there is absolutely nothing stable about it, and it needs Brexit like a hole in the head.

  14. The public and even Tory party are starting to hate every one single one if those fuckers. Who can blame them. And I say that as an x Tory voter.

  15. Taking over from May is a poison chalice. Hard Brexit is turning into the laughing stock of politics. She is relying on support from the most unpopular POTUS ever. Davis is the front-runner because he is a non-entity. Heaven knows why Bojo is still in the running. A small sample of voters, though.

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