Donald Trump’s son has personally thanked Nigel Farage for defending him amid the scandal over his meetings with Kremlin intermediaries in the run up to the US Presidential elections.

Trump Jr published emails that prove he met a Russian Government lawyer to discuss an offer of help – in the form of dirt on Hilary Clinton – for his father’s election campaign from the Kremlin.

Despite that, Farage used his show on LBC radio yesterday to defend the White House advisor’s actions, saying:

“Donald Trump Junior is pretty much the best public supporter of his father that there is in the business and he’s done nothing wrong at all.”

Farage also shared a post from Donald Trump senior defending his son’s conduct earlier today:

His loyalty to the embattled Trump administration hasn’t gone unnoticed.

In the last hour, Donald Trump Junior has thanks Farage for his support in the only way his family know how – through the medium of Twitter.

It would be much easier to claim it was ‘fake news’ if Trump Jr hadn’t published it himself…

  1. If there was a point to him sucking up you might, might just let it slide but barring some sort of Brexit political apocalypse where Nigel somehow manages to claw his way into a position of power (no I am not counting being an MEP or LBC rent a gob) and Trump is still in the White House….it is all fairly pointless and not nice to witness.

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