Chris Grayling’s attempt to spin their broken promise on rail electrification would make Malcolm Tucker blush.

The Transport Secretary knows he’s committed a politically toxic u-turn by cancelling promised electrification in Wales, the Midlands and north of England – in the same week he handed £6.6 billion worth of contracts for HS2 to firms involved in the blacklisting of construction workers.

That’s why the Department for Transport (DfT) tried to sneak the decision out among a slew of written statements on the last day of Parliament before recess – otherwise known as ‘take out the trash day’.

But that didn’t stop Grayling dishonestly trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Here’s how the DfT sold the announcement:

Most hilariously, the press release goes on to say the decision will save people the disruption from all that pesky infrastructure investment:

“Thanks to this new technology disruptive electrification works between Cardiff and Swansea, Kettering, Nottingham and Sheffield, and between Windermere and Oxenholme, will no longer be needed.”

And by the way, that “new technology” is just trains that can run on the battered old railways lines those areas are being left with.

Thankfully nobody was going to by that bullshit and the BBC reported it like they weren’t born yesterday:

It even tested the impartiality of the impeccable Welsh BBC news anchor Huw Edwards:

After trying and failing to sneak the decision out, they tried and failed to spin it and in doing so demonstrated their total contempt for the public.

That’s what Malcolm Tucker would call an “omnishambles”….

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