The defeated Tory who whinged he wouldn’t leave Westminster with enough taxpayer’s cash is set for a publicly-funded windfall.

Former Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson – who voted 52 times to slash benefits and cut pay – complained after the election that his golden goodbye was nothing compared to the PM’s fired advisors.

But before you start writing out a cheque to his benevolence fund, there’s news that the hard Brexiteer will be back on the public payroll before his “redundo” even hits his bank account.

“Wacko Jacko” is to be appointed as the £115,000 a year chief of staff to Brexit Secretary David Davis as soon as tomorrow, the Evening Standard reports.

He’d been dropping some pretty heavy hints that he fancied the job…

But a source told the Standard that his appointment “sends the wrong message” and will undo any credibility Davis has gained with Remainers.

Talking of sending messages. Jackson flew into a rage with voters on social media after his defeat, branding one a “thick chav” and calling anothr a “pillock.”

And here’s what he told one person who objected to him moaning about money on Twitter:

Not a good look in the weak Parliament discussed abuse in politics!

Jackson is the third losing Tory candidate to be handed a government job.

Gavin Barwell – the housing minister who infamously delayed the tower block fire safety review – was appointed as Theresa May’s chief of staff.

And Scrapbook reported last month how the Tories circumvented democracy to make Ian Duncan a Scotland Office minister.

The Tory MEP failed to win the Perth and North Perthshire seat at the general election, so was hastily made a peer instead.

Whatever happened to the “will of the people”…

  1. Mark Chandler says:

    Yet more appalling misuse of public funds to look after their rich mates!
    All Tories are liars, thieves and murderers!

  2. M Ps should not be entitled to redundancy as someone else has taken over their job so therefore they are not redundant they are sacked tough shit

  3. Robert Peake says:

    If he needs money sweep the streets instead of having an easy time at the taxpayers expense

  4. What can one say…..voted out…..but soon managed to get his nose back in the trough! They tory party are all total scum, and only there to see what they can personally gain out of it….

  5. Malgorzata Maria French says:

    Where do I start? If the working class complain that their wages are not high enough they get ignored, and they have done an HONEST day’s work or if the working class get redundant they don’t get a big redundancy pay out or land another job, Soon as. Lots of Normal working people work hard all their lives and don’t always get Promoted to a higher position. And why are people being forced to carry on working past their retirement age, When they should be able to enjoy their Senior years? IFolder people CHOOSE to carry on working and they’re physically and Mentally able to then that should be of their choosing. And give younger people the jobs they used to do, How else are the youth to gain experience if they are not given a chance? Apprenticeships don’t really pay a great deal. If the youth only get paid a pittance it’s not going to encourage them much to want to work, these days.Though a lot of people young or older are just grateful to have a job.

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