Stewart Jackson – the ex-Tory MP known as “Wacko Jacko” in Westminster – has been made the right hand man of Brexit Secretary David Davis.

The Brexit headbanger confirmed on Twitter that he’s taken the £115,000 a year job as Davis’ special adviser.

Jackson seems to need the cash. After losing his seat to Labour on June 8, he whinged his pay-off from Parliament wasn’t big enough.

So what sort of sage advice can we expect him to dispense to Davis for that amount of taxpayer’s cash?

Well, here’s part of an article he wrote for Conservative Home in 2014 advising then PM David Cameron to “show the right some love.”

To recap on Jackson’s political strategy:

Good politics: Holding a divisive referendum that has plunged the country into a constitutional and economic crisis

Bad politics: Allowing people to show their love for each other

And Jackson’s even worse at diplomacy. Here’s the bitter message he sent to a voter after losing his seat last month:

Between David and Jackson, we’ve got the political equivalent of the Chuckle Brothers carrying out the most complex negotiation in modern history.

Oh dear…

  1. When they talk about the bottom line, you have to remember they are talking from the gutter. Even the pigs get up and walk away.

  2. Me thinks Mr Jackson duth protest too much!!
    Now I really do wonder what’s hiding in the very back of his closest?

  3. Davis goes on to give his mate a £hundred grand plus. For what ? Sounds dodgy to me. They say “once a spiv always a spiv”.

  4. Roger Hudson says:

    If ever there was evidence that this Brexit government is totally off its rocker, this is it.

  5. Ah nowTed bringing pigs in to it is a bit much. Yes your right Dougal I’m sorry I should have said donkeys Feckin donkeys.

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