While working people are celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling that tribunal fees are “unlawful”, not everyone is happy at the prospect of money no longer being a barrier to justice.

Charlie Mullins, the millionaire boss of Pimlico Plumbers and Tory donor, could barely contain his fury on World at One.

He told the programme the judgement was “absolutely disgraceful” – but then he was taken to an employment tribunal by a worker who claimed he was fired after suffering a heart attack.

Mullins claimed today’s ruling would cause unemployment and said it would “open the flood gates” to claims from people who are just to see what they can get out of it.” 

“Many people that go to these tribunals, they’re busy bodies, they’re troublemakers, they have a history of going to tribunals.

“The average good worker wants to get on with the job. If they’ve got a minor issue…if it’s a major issue, course it needs to go to a tribunal, but most of these things are very minor. And I’m saying to you, the fact that it [fees] cut down [employment tribunal cases] from 7,5000 to 1,500 it proves the point.

“Many of these claims are miscellaneous or whatever the word is…malicious claims…and I’m saying to you this is opening the flood gates.

“I mean unemployment hasn’t gone down to 1.5 million just by itself, it’s gone down because companies are more happy and more grateful to take on people knowing that we’re not going to have all these people that want to take us to the courts.”

Mullins has personal experience of employment tribunals, having lost a five year legal battle with one of his company’s former plumbers, Gary Smith.

Smith claimed he was wrongfully dismissed by Mullins after suffering a heart attack. The employment tribunal did not rule on the claim.

But it did make a judgement over whether Smith was a self-employed contractor – and therefor ineligible for sick pay or holiday pay – as Mullins claimed.

That allowed him to avoid paying millions of pounds in national insurance contributions.

But the original tribunal held in 2012 – a year before fees were imposed by the Tories – found that Smith was not self-employed but a worker and should have received all the benefits that come with it.

In 2014, Mullins appealed and the case went to the Employment Appeals Tribunal, where he lost again.

In 2017, Mullins took the case all the way to the Court of Appeal and lost for a third time.

The ruling was hailed as a landmark case that had the potential to prevent false self employment in the gig economy.

No wonder Mullins and his millionaire friends are upset…

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  1. It didn’t get much worse than this. Selfish, greedy individual. Quite a few around just now.

  2. My heart bleeds for this poor downtrodden millionaire. It’s just not a fair world is it, when you can’t take advantage of the peasants?

  3. Called Corbyn a twat.at end if i heard it correctly. Hope.someone takes him to court over it 🙂 Sounded a loathesome and very sad individual

  4. Martin Webber says:

    What a load of rubbish. Working people are being ruined on Zero hour contracts losing their homes and families. Iain Duncan Smith is determined to kill as many people as he can and now this idiot joins in. We need a big change.

  5. Small victories are so sweet I remember when there was a TV programme about this boss wondered why at the time but not now Tory who donates to the party Happy days if he is PISSED I am happy

  6. Ronald Sinclair says:

    Most of the tribunal cases I took were due to a blatent disregard for employment law but some of these employers werr even backed up by certain tribunal judges in some cases.the law in this country has always been weighted against the worker.how many workers have been cheated out of their notice and holiday pay and no penalty on the employer.they should be jailed.ron sinclair

  7. The working man should thank he EU for this decision . I think this law will be amended under the tories when brexit is implemented

  8. A. Robot (Mrs) says:

    Still, if his business goes bust he could always front a Joe Brown and the Bruvvers tribute band……………

  9. Simon Phillips says:

    Obviously he is anticipating a deluge of claims against him. An honest employer who treats their employees fairly has nothing to fear. Hmmm sounds familiar

  10. He is a complete and utter idiot he should be ashamed but he won’t be will he. Can you believe he fired an employee that had a heart attack disturbing isn’t it

  11. Mick Ingham – It’s nothing to do with the EU. It’s about access to justice, that runs through UK law back to Magna Carta.

  12. You are the disgraceful one, your greed will never be satisfied, try sharing your wealth with those who work for you and make your money

  13. Brian Coupland says:

    His view repeats claims made in the now discredited Beecroft Report that employees conspire against the poor little employer. The ruling showed that there was still the same percentage of claims won, indicating lower case numbers were due to the prohibitive costs and hence discriminatory.

  14. Jim McGovern says:

    Not very clever is he? It think when he refers to”malicious” claims, he means “frivolous and vexatious” claims. With or without application fees, tribunals have long had the power to rule an application as such. (Incidentally, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are small mammals nesting in his “syrup of fig”!)

  15. I had the misfortune to hear his moronic rant on radio 4. What an utter gobshite.
    All he was interested in was his own political ideology.
    What a pathetic child.
    Bloody glad I don’t work for him.

  16. What a waste of space thinks he can treat people how he wants got news for him people have and always ignore him.

  17. Definitely won’t use this gits firm, see he also employs roofers in my local press, he needs to sort out his Barnet, moan over Git.

  18. I also unfortunately heard this odious man ranting on Radio 4 at lunch time. The “I’m telling you ” line was repeated over and over.Why do this small minded people think they have the right to run the country and that their opinion is better than the rest of us. He stated that the economy would crash if this ruling wasnt challenged. He appears to have no grasp of how the law works.Then he stated that Corbyn was a twat. Why oh why was he chosen to express an opinion he clearly had an axe to grind.

  19. How quickly they forget who built there business for them, without workers he would have nothing and with his attitude he deserves nothing i for one will never use his company

  20. Anthony Bell says:

    “Arrogant Twat” got his just desserts. Now go and get that hair sorted! You think someone like him would go to a barbers instead of a butchers

  21. To get rid of these Twats that are a disease in our society the unemployed/ working electorate need to stop blubbing and get out there and try change society. Join your local Labour party, go to meetings, go on marches, debate with people at work, down the pubs and clubs. Get your opinion out there , get your voices heard.

  22. Isabella Davis says:

    Despicable action taken by this greedy individual. A typical Tory who thinks that he can abuse people simply for his gain. This is yet another of Mr Graylings clever policies. He seems to excel in causing havoc in which ever department he serves in.

  23. Would that we could be rid of men like this. Such ignorance, such selfishness. Why was he not pulled up for his failed tribunal case by M. Carney, his known Tory donation? BBC!!!

  24. Patrick Marks says:

    Pimlico Plumbers? He might have just sunk his own company. Would you employ his company, or work for his company after that bigoted, self centred outrage? Pimlico Plumbers. Remember.

  25. Typical Tory retric. Pay everyone a decent wage and no zero hrs contracts they would be happy if we all lived in fear of the workhouse

  26. I heard this interview and it was embarrassing to hear such a narrow minded rant. Who on earth at Radio 4 decided that this Neanderthal would give a good interview on behalf of employers and those against this legislation. All he managed to do was show himself up, be another embarrassment to the Tory party and come across as the sort of employer tribunals are there to protect employees against. Shame on him and BBC Radio 4.

  27. Stephen Beaumont says:

    I heard it and without knowing who he was thought ‘god! This man is as thick as s!!!t’

  28. I also heard the interview! He was appealing in his bigotry, felt as a “businessman” this counted for everything and ended by referring to Vorbyn as a t..t! I agree with the comment above about how he was ever given airtime. I think his company were also referred to as sub contracting highly skilled and highly paid plumbers when the issue of zero hours contracts was raised a few weeks ago, seemingly as a shining example of those who choose not to be employed! Would be a joke if people’s lives weren’t so badly affected!

  29. Is it me or does he look like a dishevelled Jim Davidson? Both right-wing twats. Nick-nick both of them.

  30. Yes I heard this awful fella ranting and raving,I wonder what he pays his employees I’m sure it’s a generous sum and looks after their welfare not.

  31. I heard the interview and wondered why the BBC chose such an ignorant git to represent employers views. I loved the bit where he blamed Brussels.

  32. I know someone who works for him & its a very draconian set up . His hero is eddie stobart !! That says everything about this latter day bay city roller looks like woody on amphetemines .

  33. I pay my taxes, he should pay N.I. and all other taxes. If I lived in London his company would be the last one I would use. I would support a local trader.

  34. He’s a Trumpist. Talking out of his backside like the POTUS and thinking that it don’t stink.

  35. Julie Gardiner says:

    I was once interviewed for a company as an HR Manager. They said I wasn’t suitable as I had no Industrial Tribunal experience. I asked how many outstanding cases they had and was told they had 18. I said any company who has that many outstanding cases with 200 employees is not a company I want to work for and I left. Yes, there are spurious claims but if you treat your employees properly they should not have to resort to an Industrial Tribunal. 25 Years in HR and yes, I have no experience, (apart from one which I won in 2 hours, when I retired and helped with on a friend’s behalf) but I am proud of this achievement.
    This guy is unfeeling and deserves taking to the cleaners.



  37. Agree – a 61 yr old man , not a grey hair in sight , ridiculous looking plastic surgery / botox – liked the Woody from The Bay City Rollers on amphetamines comment

    Like Harry Enfield’s ‘ Loadsamoney ‘ character with even less irony and self awareness

    20 % flat rate tax – very , very right wing
    unfortunately his sort tend to be the worst http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/meandmymoney/article-3166357/I-spend-90-000-year-cars-100-000-number-plates-says-Charlie-Mullins-Pimlico-plumber.html#comments

  38. Typical Tory mentality. A worker had a very attack and was unfairly dismissed because of it. Medical ailments can affect anyone at anytime. This arrogant Tory prick properly has BUPA and I bet he’s anti NHS…and anti trade union. He sounds a total arrogant…nasty piece of work. He has given us a good example with his selfish attitude why we should be voting for and activily supporting the Labour party. Without workers working g for him…and without customers he wouldn’t have millions in the bank. If I lived in London I would NEVER use this pricks company. I won’t put any of my money in the pocket of a Tory cunt who would take us back to Victorian times. I always use the services of small businesses.

  39. I too had the misfortune to hear this rant. I note that the BBC introduced him as a spokesman for the Institute of Directors and never once mentioned the name of his own firm. Prentiss was good but the interviewer let him be constantly interrupted and never apologised for the gratuitous insult to Corbyn.

  40. champion a trade union at Pimlico Plumbers if you’re such a good employer, you wont have any bother with that would you Tory Twat!!!

  41. I demand a formal apology both from the BBC for not controlling a guest and from the guest. Such an insult is not only insulting in its Misogynistic connotations but outright unacceptable on this kind of program.

  42. Beggars belief that the BBC thought this individual merited air time! Shame on the BBC, the depths of reporting, shame on the presenter!

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