Theresa May is failing in her pledge to protect Britain’s steel industry by reducing the quantity of cheap Chinese imports.

The Prime Minister promised to take action to reduce the Chinese imports which threatened to put Britain’s industry out of business.

Last year she hailed the formation of a new G20 forum – with Chinese representation – as a major step forward in the battle against the country’s flooding of the world steel market.

But she all but admitted that had approach had failed at the latest G20 meeting when she expressed her frustration that China was continuing to flood the market.

And the latest statistics reveal that the amount of Chinese steel arriving in the UK has doubled in a six month period.

There were 45,000 tonnes being imported last November when a deal was struck to keep Port Talbot steel works open.

But that leapt up to 94,000 tonnes by March and 87,000 by April.

The surge in Chinese steel imports is revealed in the answer to a written Parliamentary question tabled by Aberavon’s Labour MP Stephen Kinnock.

Business Minister Claire Perry said in her response that Chinese imports have been reduced and are subject to limits:

But the figures published by the Business Department reveal that the number of imports have been creeping back up since last year’s steel crisis:

The Government is also today accused of betraying British workers over the use of foreign steel in the construction of new Navy ships.

A separate written question tabled by Stephen Kinnock revealed just 35% of the steel used in new Type 26 frigates with be British.

Time to dump this government for one willing to show some mettle for British steel…

  1. A specific type of Chinese steel has massively increased in volume ironically as a result of anti-dumping duties. Importers bought as much as they could while they could in advance of this duty. Volumes have now dropped substantially now that the window for buying has closed.

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