An American political analyst has told the story of Britain’s rise within the EU and bizarre turn against it in a bid to make voters think again about Brexit.

The Washington-based Brexit expert has condensed five decades of history into 47 tweets that shows the madness of quitting a body it Britain did so much to build and make better.

As the battle over the minutiae of Brexit rages all around us, a timely reminder from across the Atlantic to look at the bigger picture…

They say you don’t know what you’ve lost until its gone.

But we can’t complain we weren’t warned…

  1. What of the future?
    Britain campaigns and gets reforms to the World Trade Organisation rules.
    British Government complains that WTO rules are unfair.
    Campaign to leave the WTO and join the Woking Trade Organisation.
    Opposition group set up and use the slogan “Britain Isn’t Woking”.

  2. It’s all very nearly true. However, it’s what the politicians wanted, not the people. Still, you’ve got to admit it a better way to change things than your methods in Libya, Iraq and Iran isn’t it?

  3. Cornishman, whose methods in Libya, Iraq and Iran are you talking about? The UK has equal culpability in Libya and Iraq, regardless of who was the instigator, and I haven’t seen any action in Iran other than sabre rattling.

  4. Daniel Jupp says:

    A few problems with this:

    1/What governments have asked the EU for, or celebrated the EU achieving, are not necessarily what the people ever wanted.

    2/We were in the EEC and then the EU for half a century. In that time he can list about 20 measures that he assumes we wanted. In that same period, thousands of measures were introduced by the EU every year. Therefore even if accepted at face value, 20 measures we like out of tens of thousands of measures is a pretty crap return.

    3/UK governments throughout our membership always tried to put a positive spin on our membership. They did this because they knew our membership was unpopular but they wanted us to Remain. They could also hardly come back from a negotiation saying ‘we achieved nothing’. Therefore it is absurd to take their positive comments as ‘the comments of Britain’ or as truthful.

    4/’America’ actually has no right to tell the UK what to do. We aren’t ‘pretty cool’ with the arrogant attempt to do so.

  5. @Daniel Jupp:
    1) valid point, but that’s the way our democracy works. We elect a government and trust them to do what they believe is best for the country.

    2) All of the “10,000s of measures” were voted on by the UK Government, as part of those 2466 votes. The UK Government therefore only voted against 5% of those measures.

    3) Whether the EU has always been unpopular is opinion, not fact. UK Governments have been positive about the EU because they believed it was in Britain’s best interests to remain.

    4) As far as I can see, the writer is *not* telling the UK what to do. In fact he even says that it doesn’t matter. However he makes the very valid point that if we do leave, we will not be respected in the International community for many years to come. (I actually think that’s probably true now, regardless of whether we leave or not).

  6. Actually, going back to point (2), we only voted against the measures 2% of the time – the other 3% of the time we abstained, and some of those were because they were for legislation that we had already opted out of!

  7. David Poyser says:

    I think we were even worse members than he said. Our European friends were very tolerant 🙂

  8. “It’s not what the people wanted”. Right, but if the people had bothered to go vote in the EU elections, it probably would have been. The UK has an embarrassingly low voters turnout in elections.

  9. Daniel Jupp, out of the tens of thousands of measure you claim the British people don’t like, can you name 100 that you don’t like? Please list them. We would love to know what they are.

  10. what you failed to see , is the people never got a say. after 1974. the first time we were asked we said get stuffed.

  11. Leave vote was a mistake! The government decision to have the vote was a mistake! The recent general election was another mistake!

  12. The vote was 17.4m to leave, 16.1m to remain and 12.9m did not vote.
    The leavers do not have the mandate they say they have to take the UK out of the EU – but they will keep mentioning that the majority of the UK voted to leave when this is not the case

  13. Andrew Swallow says:

    This list is several years too late. The writer has missed the last appeal. Britain is leaving the EU.

    Between the Titanic and a row boat choose the row boat; after the world’s most luxurious ship has hit the iceberg.

    The writer can however advise his clients on what to do and the major risks in Europe.

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