A DUP MEP left herself open to epic trolling over her party’s billion pound bung from the Tories after  inadvertently emailing everyone in the European Parliament.

Diane Dodds (pictured above) wrote an email requesting that flights be booked for her from Brussels to London and then onto Belfast.

The email was presumably meant for the Parliament’s travel service, but ended up in the inboxes of all 750 of her fellow MEPs, their staff and the 6000 officials who work for the Parliament.

As did the quick witted response from Labour MEP Paul Brannen, who hit reply all on the following response:

“Passing through London to help pick up the cash from Number 10, Diane? I wouldn’t trust a cheque from May either.”

You can see the exchange below courtesy of Evan O’Connell:

We know where the training and skills budget is going…

  1. Well done DUP you delivered the opportunities to benefit all the people of Northern Ireland and to help to stabilise our national government.
    In sporting terms DUP and Conservative Government 10 – Sinn Fein and others 0 !

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