Anger over Theresa May’s decision to duck a meeting with survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire surfaced when Andrea Leadsom visited the area.

Leadsom visited the community in her capacity as Leader of the House of Commons – but ended up taking the flack for her party’s leader.

She faced some tough questions from Sky News about May’s decision to hold a “private visit” to the scene yesterday:

One local resident then challenged directly over the decision, saying: “At least she could have met the victims.”

He then told her because of “saving money, people are dying.”

Michael Portillo, the former MP for Kensington and Chelsea and Tory deputy leader, also criticised May’s response to the tragedy on the This Week programme.

He said: “Alas, Mrs May was what she’s been for the last five or six weeks. She wanted an entirely controlled situation in which she didn’t use her humanity.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and London Mayor Sadiq Khan went to meet survivors and the latter faced some angry questions.

May’s excuse that she couldn’t visit residents for “security reasons” is made to look even more weak given the Queens is doing so today.

It’s never to late to do the right thing, Prime Minister…

  1. Pity Ishmahil Blahgrove weren’t there…I’d love to see him tear a strip off any tory rat that ducks questions

  2. A public inquiry is not independent. It is government led, with paramiters set by the government.

  3. Denise Williams says:

    Theresa May and her government are an utter disgrace. She has no empathy or compassion. They also never face up to their responsibililties or admit their failings. We need a full independent investigation into Grenfell not another Tory cover up.

  4. It has to be an Inquest; a public inquiry is controlled by government and findings will be ducked, adjusted and hidden. Also once you have an Inquiry you CANNOT have an inquest. An inquest would apportion blame and could them lead to prosecutions.

  5. That Tory MPs can sit there and defend May’s inhumanity, her lack of compassion. her is unbearable to watch They are all as bad as each other, At least Michael Portillo did say something like the truth about May. …… There must be an Independent enquirer … nothing less will highlight teh Atrocities of these cowardly people

  6. richardofkent says:

    Most commentators seem to be more interested in attacking the tories rather than finding the truth. I agree that an independent inquiry needs to be held, but unfortunately these take time and in this era of instant news and gratification most people have already made up their minds. Yes this happened whilst May was Prime Minister but unless she struck the match that started the fire then she cannot be held responsible for the deaths of the victims.

    – What started the fire ? Exploding fridge, use of open flame, gas bottle, cigarette ?
    – Why did the fire spread quickly ? Faulty cladding, open or non existent fire doors ?
    – Who made the decisions about the refurbishments that included the suspect cladding, the lack of sprinklers, only one staircase ?

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