Just when you thought the Government couldn’t get any worse, enthusiastically pro-fracking Tory MP is appointed as Michael Gove’s right hand man.

Gove’s record of supporting fracking – and even drilling in national parks – was among the many concerns raised when he was appointed as Environment Secretary.

The Tory manifesto said shale gas could “play a crucial role in rebalancing our economy” and included plans to “develop the shale industry in Britain.”

Fears that the Tories’ were about let fracking giants destroy vast swathes of the country subsided when there was no mention of it in the Queen’s speech – along with the rest of the Tory manifesto.

But the appointment of Kevin Hollinrake as Gove’s private secretary should cause concern to communities targeted by oil and gas companies.

Hollinrake has described fracking – the extraction of shale gas by boring a hole into the earth and pumping chemicals into it – as the “opportunity of our lifetimes.”

He was the vice-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Unconventional Oil and Gas.

The group was almost entirely funded funded by fracking companies, included Cuadrilla, and lobbied for pro-fracking policies at Westminster.

In 2015, he went to the US to study the booming fracking industry and wrote a report which concluded it would help combat climate change – despite the Government’s own advisors warning it would break Britain’s climate change targets.

Hollinrake resigned from the position last year after protests from his constituents whose village was threatened by fracking.

His resignation statement said: “A number of constituents have contacted me to express concerns that my involvement with the [group] is inappropriate, due to the amount of sponsorship it receives from the oil and gas industry.”

The MP for Thirsk and Malton still has a whole section setting out his support for fracking (with certain caveats) on his website.

Enjoy the fields of wheat while they’re still there…

  1. It may be the ‘opportunity of HIS lifetime’ but he clearly doesn’t give a toss for those who wish to enjoy thier significantly longer lifetime. Let’s hope his ‘lifetime’ in this job is cut short, just like the lifetime of this morally and ethically bankrupt Tory government.

  2. Went to America as guest of fracking companies and came back claiming fracking is wonderful. Bought and paid for liar.
    The aim is to do away with fossil fuels so what exactly is shale gas if not a fossil fuel?

  3. Chris Renshaw says:

    It’s time, enough is enough, the elephant is in the room, that is the Conservative’s do not represent the people of this country, they continue to do what is best for their own self interest, they are totally out of touch with reality, they fund terrorism by giving weapons to the Saudi’s, they are selling of everything the public own while miss treating the most vulnerable people in our society, they are killing people with their policies, they are destroying this Country and I consider them the enemy of the people which has sold It’s soul to the devil, they are liars and deceivers of the truth

  4. Keep protesting until they are no more…These criminals don’t deserve to live who gives them the right to butcher our planet???

  5. Is Theresa May in the middle of a mid life crisis as she is making many strange decision ,she needs a careful eye upon her,maybe a little rest somewhere safe

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