When a nurse of 26 years asked Theresa May to lift the cap on NHS pay during a pre-election debate, she was told “there isn’t a magic money tree.”

Well, it turns out there is and Theresa May has given it a good shake as she desperately tries to prop-up her weak and wobbly minority government.

The Tory has just signed a deal with the DUP worth £1.5 billion in order to secure the support of their 10 MPs. 

That is the exact cost of a pay rise for all 1.2 million the overworked and underpaid heroes running the NHS in England – who have had their pay capped since the Tories took power in 2010.

Institute of Fiscal Studies director Paul Johnson calculated that it would cost £500 million for every 1% you increase the pay of NHS staff.

So £1.5 billion is the amount needed to fund the 3% pay rise Labour promised them before the general election.

That policy was predictably savaged by the Daily Mail – we hope to see the same treatment given to the May-DUP deal:

It’s official: 10 DUP MPs are worth more to Theresa May than a million doctors, nurses and midwives…

  1. How the feck is she getting away with it !!
    Boils my blood !!
    Nothing but a meglomaniac at the cost of the poor . She is so out of touch !!
    OUT OUT OUT !!!

  2. How much will this cost the country as using the Barnett principle(i think) scotland and wales will be entitled to their share per head of population so could cost upward of £12 billion if they claim it

  3. Aye well Scotland arnt getting a penny hows that for the bitch from hell get her and her wee thieving party out

  4. I live in NI and While I despise the DUP the money they are getting will go to funded the NHS in NI which is more underfunded that England. I have no remorse for that

  5. one cannot blame the DUP for squeezing as much money from the government, it would seem in some circumstances the government can fid money, but question is who will be robbed to pay for it

  6. Looks like we have had another visit from the fuck up fairy again. The woman is a menace to society and that is putting it mildly.

  7. Some people are like slinkies, they really are good for nothing but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

  8. Damien green has just said that Scotland and Wales are to get no extra payments
    We are being robbed to pay for it and, rumour has it that it is actually £1.5billion.
    This government have used tax payers money to ensure they stay in power.
    Hopefully it will collapse around them and they will be ousted.
    This country is turning into a dictatorship by the day

  9. jill Phillips says:

    So this magic money tree.. is it in the gift of British tax payers – or of Tory billionaires?

  10. You need to stop thinking Scotland and Wales on this. England should also benifit as it is new money it should go through the proper channels. Clearly it wont this is a Conservative bung nothing more and its everyones miney they are giving away. A bunch of theves makes me sick

  11. So you want to use this to give the underpaid NHS heroes in England a pay rise? You are aware that the NHS is in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland too?
    When you talk about tax-payers money, that includes Northern Ireland’s tax-payers.
    England and the English need to get their collectives heads out of their collective backsides and remember that England wouldn’t still be standing if it wasn’t for the contribution of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, to whom they cost up when it suits them politically, and ignores them the rest of the time.

  12. I really do think Southern Ireland will get its revenge on England by using its veto on the Brexit negotiations and you know what who could blame them.

  13. I do believe that May will stay at any cost. I also believe she is a very sick woman to behave this way. It’s about time she saw a phyciatrist. Before she destroys the United Kingdom completely.

  14. Don’t forget folks the Tories are using OUR money to bail themselves out – how can that be right?

  15. We have no say.. never had and never will.. corrupt government either party… they’ll always do what THEY want not what WE want… we have no choices anymore… FACT!!

  16. Maybe is so many uneducated leftie wankers didn’t vote for socialist Corbin it wouldn’t be an issue

  17. maybe if some dud of an Tory PM didn’t call an election she’d of never needed to make a deal with the dup, hence this wouldn’t be a fucking issue juliey baby, putting the cart before the horse there well done you. fuck me.

  18. Diane Mooney says:

    Well Brexit ears you brought this to pass and it will only get worse for you day by day.
    So glad I live in Ireland.
    We are laughing.

  19. Julie, you are aware that “lefties” are statistically more likely to have a higher education level, so calling them uneducated is laughable.

  20. Glad the UK is paying for NI and not the South. Keep the big bucks rolling in there boys, sure you know they need it all. Won’t you have it paid for in four or five weeks with all the savings to be made by leaving the EU? Remember it’s only the first instalment to tide them over for the next two years. Now they have discovered that there really is a magic money tree and they have May by the short and curlies the next squeeze will be the hard bite.

  21. I don’t begrudge NI the money, it will be used for public services and assets. It’s more the fact the whole thing exposes the sheer bare faced lie they told there gullible voters during the election, spoon feeding them childish ideas about magic money trees. It makes me want to say to them; It’s idealogical you dolts … what will it take if not this to show you that?

  22. robert griffiths says:

    this country has always been a dictatorship, you have 650 mp,s who trundel to westminster every week, who sit about on expences, waiting to be told how to vote on the issue of the day, what is the point?

  23. How utterly clueless are some of you. It’s not ‘robbing’ the tax payer, NI are tax payers too, gosh, even DUP voters are tax payers! And last time I looked NI were part of the UK they have just as much right to the money as any other in the U.K. It is outside of normal funding and is for infrastructure. Those moaning at Scotland not getting anything, they have previously been promised huge sums for various cities and projects, also outside the Barnett formula, to the tune of hundreds of millions.

  24. I am sick to the stomach with disbelief and worry that Theresa has done a deal with the DUP I worry for our NHS , Good Friday peace deal and our LGBT community.

    our schools, housing are at breaking point and Darling Theresa May gives DUP 1 billion, where has this money come from and why hasn’t been used for our NHS instead of feathering her own bonnet to stay in power.

    is she a robot or tin man as no consideration for all people recently made homeless due to deemed unfit by fire regulations.

    there isn’t enough housing to re home everyone, that 1 billion would have gone a long way in helping, but no Darling Theresa uses it to strengthen her own ego


  25. If you’re caught buying votes in an election surely it would be an illegal action.
    Why would buying votes in parliament be any different?
    The cost per vote in parliament is pretty staggering.
    Hell, at that price I’d sell my vote to the Tories. Against my better principals I should add.
    I’ve often wondered why it is that promises made in election campaigning that aren’t kept aren’t seen as a breech of contract. If you lied in a job interview and got the job you’d be liable to dismissal!!!!

  26. I have read the various vitriol replies to the article. The votes have cost roughly one hundred million each for the DUP candidates to vote with the Tories and yes I agree the one billion should have been spent more sensibly. Everyone going on about entitlement. You want independence you find a source of money not saying the government should have to pay. Independence means standing by yourself

  27. Buagh O'Duibh says:

    Remember all the promises made to Scottish Voters in the last Referendum, which were never paid.
    When the plug is pulled on May by her fellow Tories, and the house of straw starts to blow away, what will the D.U.P. tell their supporters?
    Who will may turn to next? North Korea perhaps!bu

  28. Norman's bike says:

    This was forecast. The DUP will squeeze every penny they can out of the government. They’ll get on well together because they have terrorism in common. I still remember feeling disappointed that thatcher survived Brighton. Ah, the good ol’ days.

  29. It’s all been said…. , Now Johnny Drop was waxing lyrical about the John Wilkes Booth / Lincoln incident….. Surely someone can rid us of this troublesome……. The Americans have the 2nd amendment to enable them to overthrow a tyrannical government….. They don’t excercise this right appropriately….. The UK needs to protest in massive numbers…. Daily….. Wherever’ she’ shows herself in public….. Vocal protest….Let the world media appreciate the shame and disgust it has for the current direction being taken…. A mass ‘sit in’ in parliament Square, every day.

  30. I find it appalling that Theresa May has bribed the DUP with £1.5 billion. I always thought that bribery was a crime, if that was me I would probably end up in jail. Shame on you Mrs May.

  31. Robert Peake says:

    You cannot buy votes you can only earn them Theresa Maybe has used tax payers money to buy votes The NHS staff need proper remuneration for their jobs as do many in the other public services.
    Shame on you Theresa is the health and security of the nation less important than 10 votes? Is the accommodation in Number 10 more important than those suffering from political incompetence. You failed to get the mandate you asked. Its time you threw in the towel.

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