Individual socialist policies have always proved popular – but now voters want the full package.

Labour’s most radical policies were among the most popular put forward by parties at the general election, YouGov found before June 8.

Capping rent, increasing income tax for those earning more than £80,000, abolishing tuition fees and renationalising energy, railways and the Royal Mail were all supported by a majority of voters.

But far from being á la carte socialism, a new poll shows that (excluding don’t knows) the majority of the public believe Britain would be a better place to live with a “genuinely socialist government”:

This isn’t a rogue poll reflecting only the optimism created by the shock general election result.

YouGov found last year that British voters have a favourable view of socialism and an unfavourable view of capitalism:

The extent of the support for redistribution was demonstrated in another poll published this week which showed a majority in support of Jeremy Corbyn’s call to use empty luxury properties to house survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire:

The thing that will really worry the Tories is that there’s now someone willing to implement these policies – and he’s more popular than them.

YouGov’s approval ratings show Corbyn and the Labour party have now leapfrogged Theresa May and the Tories:

And a poll by Survation for Good Morning Britain published today put Labour ahead for the first time – a 17% swing in just 5 weeks.

Things can only get better…

  1. Stephen Turner says:

    My worry is that most people don’t understand what socialism means. It’s meaning has been watered down so what is in effect social democratic policies, like the ones in the 2017 Labour manifesto, are being portrayed as ‘socialist’. Years of right wing governments and propaganda have changed peoples’ perceptions. I really wish the majority really were wanting socialism. However it is a start and could be a starting point for real socialist ideas to take hold

  2. Willie McKenna says:

    My best definition of being a socilsist us to be someone who actually gives a shit for other people. People before profit.

  3. patrick newman says:

    Most people would find socialism attractive if Labour were given a fair chance to promote and explain it. Labour has to deal with the Tory press and the bias of BBC programmes like the Today Programme and although the social media campaign was great Labour has to find a better way of managing the press – no hostages to fortune like the Corbyn and Abbott interviews, a willingness to use complaints procedure (Ofcom now regulates the BBC and why not use IPSO – even Labour List is not Leveson compliant). The case is strong but the antagonist media must be challenged.

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