What a contrast. Jeremy Corbyn went to speak to survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy after Theresa May was given a “private visit” of their devastated community.

The Tory Prime Minister held an audience with members of the emergency services battling the blaze but refused to meet a single resident:

The BBC reported the decision was taken for “security reasons”, but it was widely criticised by journalists:

Perhaps the decision was connected to news that her chief of staff Gavin Barwell delayed a report into fire safety in tower blocks as Housing Minister?

Later Jeremy Corbyn visited with local Labour MP Emma Dent Coad and Shadow Housing Secretary John Healey to speak to survivors, community leaders and volunteers:

He told one resident: “I will speak up for you because we have to get to the bottom of this. The truth has got to come out.”

The difference in approach was summed up by one resident who spoke to Daily Mirror chief reporter Andy Lines:

Who’s the real leader?

  1. Disgraceful! She needs to be gone! The Tories and their dodgy dealings allowed this to happen. No wonder she didn’t want to face them! But we’ll done Jeremy teaching out to them . . Meanwhile she’s sneakily addressing the commons whilst he is busy doing what SHE should’ve done! Shameful woman!

  2. Glyn sanders says:

    Very poor PR exercise. Covering her backside as one of her inner circle is involved – I don’t think the survivors of this tragedy want anything to do with her Woman of the people ”The Tory party is here for everyone ” I don’t bloody think so

  3. Disgraceful! She needs to be gone! The Tories and their dodgy dealings allowed this to happen. No wonder she didn’t want to face them! But we’ll done Jeremy reaching out to them . . Meanwhile she’s sneakily addressing the commons whilst he is busy doing what SHE should’ve done! Shameful woman!

  4. Theresa May and the rest of the Tory party must now go, they are shameful, no long drawn out enquiries, we just want you to go now, please

  5. It that one moment you can see the difference in leadership style! JC listens, cares and wants fairness, he is for the people, TM is either unable or unwilling to offer those qualities honestly- thus she is alienating, segregating and divisive.

  6. Carol worthington says:

    May should go shes as cold as Ice People have died 4 God sake , well it would not bother some1 who is killing Innocent Disabled people, Tories have NO COMPASSION 4 HUMAN LIFE , ONLY THEIR OWN, This was a Accident waiting 2 happen , The Tory party Ignored Facts like they were warned about Manchester,London Brige where the Railings had been removed,.Now this Catastrophe, People need answers, & The Culprits held Accountable,

  7. Teresa May is a disgrace to this country, what was the point of going if she did not want to talk to people, these people need support from everyone,

  8. No wonder she couldn’t face them slum landlords in Westminster check how the voted against making landlords bring housing stock up to a decent standard as it would cost them directly as seventy two are landlords so voted against it

  9. Alexis Sparks says:

    Sociopaths have their own agenda and they certainly don’t have a conscience. Theresa May is not only out of touch with reality, but desperately out of touch with the people.
    I commend those firefighters who strived on risking their own lives, regardless of her cruel cuts..
    JC is the people’s favourite, however it’s a no brainer; unless of course you happen to be the few!

  10. Get her out what a joke you are you have never be Fit for the job let’s get people in and do the job probably

  11. Absolute disgrace! Theresa May has no consideration for those residents or she would have been there amongst them. Are we surprised? No! Of course not! How on earth she manages to sleep at night I really don’t know. Her and her government and Boris of course, are absolutely responsible for this tragedy. As usual treating everybody with contempt. How is she still PM?

  12. What is absolutely disgraceful is using this tragedy for political gain! We do not even know how this happened yet let alone if anyone is responsible.

  13. Pippa Hurley says:

    Anonymous! Not surprising a name btw! The article is about common humanity and empathy, versus being a cold slimy stone!

  14. Susan Lennon says:

    I agree it’s not good PM didn’t meet the people but I think she knows people are Angry about her parties disregard for safety in Grenville. As I’m typing this the DUP live have said PM hasn’t put the deal on the table yet!! Omg that woman is obviously hoodwinking us all. I don’t think the DUP are happy with her at all.

  15. Claire Peach says:

    This has to end, she simply cannot be the PM of this country any longer. She seems to lack the capacity to establish links with people, and that’s not good enough.

  16. If you watch the wee video you can see just how much it means to these people to have Jeremy Corbyn walking amongst them. Not because he’s Jesus. But because they need to feel they are being heard. She should be there doing that. What a terrible PR blunder for May. (Again)
    We should be taking to the streets in protest. #ResignMay

  17. Iris Ainsworth says:

    The truth always comes out finally!
    What powers that be really need to know is we as humans will no longer tolerate these appalling conditions! Everyone should feel safe in their homes whatever it be and wherever it is situated! Health & Safety should be made Paramount always for all mankind!

  18. A tory government=boil on the backside full of poison. B gone TM..JC for pm asap.All your cost cutting has cost Britain dearly..how many more lives will you take with no remorse..

  19. But…… go ahead (PS) …… make a political point out of another tragedy – by making up a story that can’t be verified.
    You’re the disgrace!

  20. Claude Mbuyi says:

    Responsible or not, is beside the point. But for Theresa May to visit the side and not meet or speak to victims and/or their relatives is a total disgrace.

  21. I have second-hand interest in this as my niece’s husband is in the police force in London and has been working his nuts off this last couple of weeks — now this has happened he is working even harder.

    The most important people around out there at the moment are the emergency services, who are doing everything they can to sort this mess out. Please remember that their numbers have been drastically cut, and their conditions of employment have been seriously eroded in recent years. And please remember the administration which has done that cutting and erosion.

    JC4PM without a doubt. Absolutely without a doubt.

  22. Unfortunately it is almost an admission of guilt that cuts and failing to push through legislation are to blame. I’m bloody sure if that had been Chelsea Harbour she would have been meeting residents. A true leader faces up to responsibilities, sets an example and reassures and comforts their people. But that’s a true leader.
    Unfortunately Theresa May has again shown she is not fit to lead

  23. I agree that the cause of the fire has not been confirmed, but is it too much to ask for Theresa May to give a few words of comfort to the survivors and those that have lost loved ones?
    The answer to that is yes it is too much to ask of a woman and a political party that does not have compassionate or humane bone in their bodies. Absolutely shameful!

  24. I think she was terrified to meet any tenants or people affected, in case somebody told her a few home truths to her face ( like that woman with learning difficulties a few weeks ago).

  25. Lynnchadwick says:

    Well we realy know what mrs may is has no people skills empathy or respect for the any one mrs may needs to do the right thing and resign such a disrespectful thing to do not speak to surviving tennents so so horrible

  26. Amalia Gilkes says:

    I am ashamed to say I had a good opinion about her a long time ago. I feel completely the opposite now and like many others feel it is time for her to resign before she makes things even worse for ordinary people

  27. kathryn Thompson says:

    Lazy Maysie sat on a wall… Be gone Mayhem. Take your twisted policies amd priorities with you and leave the great man JC to put us back together again. You’re not even fit to clean up your own mess.

  28. pauline ortiz says:

    Absolutely disgraceful, how dare Mrs. May not speak to one survivor. But when listening to the BBC Classical Radio at mid day, (and I want to check this again) when the news came on they said Theresa May had visited the site….nothing about it being a private visit, and that the Queen has sent her condolences, but not a mention of Jeremy Corbyn, nothing that he had been there. BBC….get your damn act together. We pay the licence fee ….. This is not fair, and it has to stop. People are not stupid.

  29. Isn’t Jeremy Corbin so wonderful, he’s always in the right. What a wonderful leader he will make. I’m sure he will be able to pay for tower blocks made of gold with his magic money tree..

  30. With the cuts to the fire and ambulance police Service and see can’t meet any residents see need to go she not good for this Country shame on you

  31. Jeremy Corbin is a kind caring man understanding the people’s problems and going to sort them out. What is this woman doing can’t she take the hint absolutely unbelievable why she is MP and not having time to talk to the people and comfort them is shameful

  32. Watch the mainstream media tonight , not a lot made of the Prime minister’s snub of the residents Grenfell tower , if Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon or any the other party leaders showed as little respect, it would have been the main story on all news channels especially the BBC #Tory Scumbag

  33. It’s easy to show affection to prove you care! Prove you care by doing something to make sure that this doesn’ t happen again!!!!! To those in Parliament, do not make this Political – this is a learning curve on how to prove that ideas and team work, mould our society! Lead from the front and cast a positive shadow to those to follow in your footsteps!

  34. If the Tories stay in this is there next big cover up, mark my word. It will come out years later. Just like Maggie did with Hillsbourgh, watch this space. Why does money proceed over human life to these people. Greed and gluttony, Thinking of all the people of Grenfell Tower

  35. Theresa May is more heartless and cold than Maggie Thatcher. Fortunately she is also rather thick and nieve and she will come unstuck eventually as she has no reason or judgement in her make up.

  36. patsy solanki says:

    TM is so far out of her comfort zone its cringeworthy. A great leader rolls up their sleeves. They feel. She wouldn’t know know where, or how to start. She’s FAR too far removed from us to govern or represent us.

  37. I am truly disgusted at the way this ice queen has been towards this tragedy and the stone cold indifference she has shown. I was quite moved at how JC has shown genuine empathy. tm ( not worth upper case letters) wherever she goes she leaves a trail of vitriol tears and sadness uncertainty and fear. This is just the beginning. I may be going off a bit but now she is causing possibly dangerous ripples in Ireland with this DUP debacle. She is a dangerous woman only concerned about gaining whatever power she can gain we are but collateral. Together her and Trump could be a lethal combination. Surely now anybody who voted for her should have a rethink about their future and their children’s future. What is going to stop her destroying everything she has proved that any tragedy won’t

  38. Right or wrong, the survivors of the Grenfell Tower inferno have suffered enough without being visited by Theresa May. Her appearance would have added insult to injury.
    Just resign Mrs May. Give the job to someone who gives a damn…..and we know who he is!

  39. Lynne Stevens says:

    Maybot strikes again. There is something seriously wrong with her not to find the compassion to meet even one survivor. If we cannot trust this Government with basic Health & Safety just think about our basic human rights and other employment rights after Brexit. Thoughts prayers and love to all those affected by this terrible tragedy. All who are culpable will be brought to justice with the weight of public opinion in support. They won’t be allowed to get away with it.

  40. patrick newman says:

    Even Portillo has criticised her. It was a stupid mistake especially as it was the day before the Jo Cox anniversary of her assassination. However I believe this obsession with control springs form her Type 1 diabetes where she has to be in control all the time and the need to minimise stress which is known to exacerbate her condition. If we can discuss Diane Abbott’s diabetes in the media why not the more servere form that May has?

  41. Teresa May is devoid of compassion for the people that have suffered in the Grenfell disaster. From David Cameron, George Osborne through to Teresa May and the rest of the Tories will keep up the attacks on the less fortunate. This is a disaster that could have been avoided if action had been taken in recent years.My heart goes out to all the people that have lost or had family injured in this awful tragedy. Its time for ordinary people to rise up and cleanse our political system, elect MPs that care, a definite JC4PM the sooner the better.

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