Nigel Farage played no small part in events that led to this general election, but it seems he has better (paid) things to do on the big day.

A Scrapbook reader sent in the above snap of the UKIP MEP at the Wetherspoons in Heathrow’s departure lounge in the early hours of this morning.

“We went through security with him as well. Never thought I’d see Nigel Farage taking his belt off,” said our source.

He was later sighted arriving at Geneva airport by academic Maria Shmygol, who doesn’t seem to be a fan of Farage’s work:

It seems he sacked-off door knocking for UKIP leader Paul Nuttall in Boston and Skegness to speak at a Global Investment Forum sponsored by a Swiss private bank, where he presumably won’t be railing against the establishment.

Since he’s there, Farage could take the time to speak to fellow attendee Pascal Lamy – the former director general World Trade Organization has warned it would be “extremely bad” for Britain to leave the EU without a trade deal and rely on WTO rules.

And if Nigel sticks around until tomorrow lunchtime he’ll be able to listen to a session about “the implications of Trump’s disappointing first year.”

Let’s hope it was a one-way ticket…

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