The husband of late Labour MP Jo Cox has called out Donald Trump over his double standards on terrorism.

Brendan Cox has become a leading figure in the campaign against extremism following the murder of his wife by a far-right terrorist this time last year.

He has pointed out the contrast between Trump’s concern with last night’s attack on Finsbury Park Mosque, in which one person was killed, and other recent terror attacks:

Trump responded to the attack on London Bridge by posting a string of ten tweets.

Not that before offering support to people affected, he used the tragedy to justify his plans to ban people from Muslim countries travelling to the US:

He sent this message of solidarity following the suicide bombing in Manchester in May:

And he made a call to Theresa May following the deadly terror attack on Parliament in March:

By contrast, we’re still waiting for his response to the latest terrorist atrocity to hit London.¬†This is the only tweet he has sent today:

What’s the difference, Donald?

  1. So what ludicrous measures would the Finsbury Park attack “justify” in Trumpthink? I know! Ban all Welsh people from entering London. That makes about as much sense as he does!

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