Remember when Theresa May said she wouldn’t do TV debates because she wanted to “go out and meet the voters”? After weeks of behind-closed-doors meetings for hand-picked audiences of Tory activists, May has finally surfaced in the real world.

She risked a walk about in Abingdon Market, which is in an Oxfordshire constituency with a Tory majority of over 10,000. But she wasn’t met with universal enthusiasm.

Channel 5 News footage shows the moment a woman called Cathy bravely confronts the PM about the cuts to disability benefits:

  1. And pigs can fly,this woman will say anything to get a vote, what about all the disabled poeple who kill themselves​ after being found fit for work,they don,t care a shit about disabled poeple so stop pretending this government does,you pay more to the private companies and the appeal courts then you save, David Cameron started this turning working poeple against poeple on benefits,but poeple are now working it out,coz working poeple on tax credits and housing benefit are now finding out that all theses are being cut,by a lot more then the tax cut you are giving them

  2. Robert Peake says:

    Theresa answered with buts and maybes typical of a two faced politicians you cannot live on fine words and promises.

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