Police minister Brandon Lewis was heckled while making the Tories’ pre-election pitch at the Police Federation conference earlier today.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies revealed yesterday that there are 20,000 fewer police officers in England and Wales as a result of a 20% cut in funding under the Tories.

And when Lewis claimed today that the Tories are making Britain safer while slashing police numbers, officers let him know what they thought:

Here’s a few more views on Lewis’ speech from serving police officers:

Meanwhile over at the Royal College of Nursing conference, delegates cheered news that the union is to send a letter of protest to Theresa May over her refusal to even respond to their invitation to speak at the conference.

The letter, which was read out by RCN general secretary Janet Davies, accused the Tory Prime Minister of “disrespecting” nurses. It says:

“Our members are disappointed and saddened, and feel disrespected by the Prime Minister. Nurses were keen to hear from the Prime Minister personally about her plans to alleviate the difficult, and sometimes impossible situation, in which they are working.

“Whilst we are pleased the Prime Minister states that she recognises the value of nursing, this does not reassure us, and feels like empty platitudes when we see no real action being taken to improve the lives of both patients and nurses.”

Contrast all this with the standing ovation that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn received from the same nurses yesterday:

All in a day’s work for team Theresa…

  1. I think it’s obvious the nasty party intend to dispose of all public services over time. Then they can declare that they are not responsible for any future problems that these ‘services’ may encounter. We will see rising poverty, ill health , poor education and more people dying on the streets. I hope and pray the police will no longer vigorously be policing protests, but rather joining in .

  2. And yet the people of this country will vote for more of the same, they say the height of stupidity is to keep voting the same people into power and expecting different results.

  3. Nicholas Smith says:

    How many politicians have received a standing ovation from nurses, or the police for that matter. Mrs May is so weak that she totally disregards nurses, the police and everyone else who doesn’t fill the Tory coffers and those of their tax avoiding chums.

  4. Hazel Rollins says:

    Tories just don’t care about working people or the sick and disabled why can’t people see this why on earth would you want to vote for more of this

  5. Colleen walker says:

    This man claims to represent the town I live in but Essex man has not been seen here for a while,also he has never moved to Great Yarmouth,his kids are not schooled here although he has been praising the Tory government for such great schools here in Norfolk .If found on your travels redirect to Essex

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