A free breakfast for all primary school pupils was one of the few costed policies in the Tory manifesto – and even that has not been fully costed.

The Tories allocated £60 million to pay for the policy – but with 4.62 million kids of primary school age, that leaves a budget of just 6.8p per child.

Even if only half of children took up the offer, it would cost £400 million to provide them with breakfast (which actually costs 25p), according to Education Data Lab.

The Schools Week website put this glaring error to the Tories, who admitted “costs will vary depending on how many pupils at any given school take up this offer.”

The final sum will still be a drop in an ocean of milk and cereal compared to the £600 million a year the Tories are hoping to save by scrapping universal free school lunches. Cruel and incompetent.

Listen carefully and you can hear the Tory manifesto going snap, crackle and pop….

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