The Tories have launched a completely uncosted manifesto – less than 24 hours after claiming Labour’s sums don’t add up.

Labour and the Lib Dems both issued 7 page documents alongside their manifestos showing how they would pay for their policies.

By contrast, the Tories have failed to provide a single costing for the many vague new proposals in their 86 page manifesto. The only numbers in the document are for existing government policies.

Thankfully we already know the cost of at least one major Tory policy – hard Brexit.

The Treasury’s own analysis of the Tories’ plan to quit the single market warned it would cost Britain £66 billion every year.

Chancellor Philip Hammond claimed yesterday that Labour’s manifesto would leave a £58 billion black hole in public finances.

So even by the Tories own measures, one line in their UKIP-light manifesto would cost Britain more than the entire Labour document.

But you just can’t put a price on the sight of a fox being torn apart by a pack of dogs…


  1. Recently a depraved person died who began his despicable regime by torturing and killing animals. If you want a better future you know how to cast your vote.

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