Tories dutifully declared Theresa May the winner of last night’s Battle for Number 10. But deep down they know she was a disaster. The proof – they couldn’t find a single highlight to share on social media.

Not one video or direct quote from May’s weak and wobbly performance was pushed on the Twitter accounts of the Conservative party, the party’s press operation or any cabinet ministers.

The only video shared on the PM’s own account yesterday was the widely mocked monologue released in a desperate bid to ditch the derided “strong and stable” slogan and relaunch her campaign on a promise to deliver the best Brexit.

By contrast, a number of clips of Jeremy Corbyn’s performance were shared on his own Twitter account, along with those of the Labour party and its MPs.

Here’s the moments that the Tory spin doctors don’t want you to see or share – take it away Theresa:

Paxman says May isn’t a “bloody difficult woman”, but a “blowhard who collapses at the first sight of gunfire”:

The man who mouthed “bollocks” as May answered a question from a midwife on the Tories’ underfunding of the NHS:

The serving police officer who told May about the “devastating effects” of cuts May made to the service as Home Secretary:

The moment the audience laughed at May’s claim Labour’s manifesto doesn’t add-up when the Tories refuse to cost a single policy:

And finally, the audience laughed three times in three minutes as May tries to explain why she can’t keep a promise:

Tory MPs probably haven’t come out from behind their fox fur sofas yet…

  1. Is that ‘blowhard’ comment from JP from the programme itself (I didn’t watch it)? If not, please give the source. I’m a Labour voter but value accurate reporting.

  2. Stephen Taylor says:

    Theresa Mayhem mixed up the targets and has been steadily working to reduce police numbers down to the tens of thousands. Ministry of Mayhem.

  3. Mary Wolf what a bizarre comment! Why the odd assumption that the reporting is inaccurate? And sure – other Labour voters totally don’t value accurate reporting.

  4. I’m a person but I value accurate reporting – is your reporting actual reporting? I didn’t bother to watch the clips, so I’m relying on your written words… I’m assuming that what you wrote isn’t true so could you please provide your source for your untrue reporting?

  5. Mary Wolf, yes the blowhard comment was in the programme, it’s also in the video clip in this article.

  6. Cinesimon : I didn’t get the negative impression you did from Mary’s comment. I also wondered about the source of “blowhards” and due to a “not very smart phone ” have also not seen the clip, but the Blowhard comment was key to the reporting, so it was helpful to know (thanks Deedee) that it was something the viewers heard, and not something added in the reporting.

  7. Susan Montey says:

    She blames the other parties for undermining the various points in the brexit talks undermining the will of the British people she says, well she’s not listening full stop.

  8. She also blames Corbyn for scaremongering her dementia tax. As if the very idea isn’t scary enough in it’s own right!!!

  9. Peter Allen says:

    Blowhard was amusing but the strongest impression was that she also qualifies as an airhead whose focus and grasp of detail is non-existent. Somewhat of a surprise given the type of insults aimed at Corbyn by the media. May is also as boring as you might expect and looked like she can’t wait to retire to some rustic backwater with her crocodile husband…

  10. richard j lorych says:

    she won’t debate corbyn face to face, this refusal tells us how weak she really is.

  11. Ian Humphries says:

    Why didn’t Paxman question her about privatisation of the NHS, no the number of deaths that the NHS cuts have caused, yet more biased reporting, disgusting!

  12. Every time I turn on the radio or tv news it’s all about Theresa May. What with biased reporting on TV and the scaremongering of the right wing press it’s a wonder Jeremy Corbyn will get any votes, except mine of course. Why does the media keep going on about the IRA? Jeremy is a peacemaker not a war maker. Shame on Paxman for being harder on one than the other.

  13. Actually no one seems to ask her why she won’t debate with JC. Seems bizarre given that she keeps saying HE’S weak!

  14. Every time a conservative accuses labour of scare mongerring I’m amazed they don’t burst into flame from the heat and depth of hypocrisy

  15. Dennis Young says:

    Strong and stable seems to be backfiring as does her claim to be the only one to deliver Brexit. It amazes me why idiots trust May who clearly believed in Remain and voted as such against Corbyn who voted to Leave and has been a staunch anti European since the 1970’s.

  16. It seems to me to be self defeating to criticise or comment on these clips without watching and listening! If it bothers you watch it, if you can’t then shut up!
    Doesn’t make sense.

  17. She says you cant use a single figure to argue a case, but her Scottish Tories argue against independence based on a single years oil income figures!

  18. Theresa talks about making sure public services such as the NHS and the Police can be funded. Of course this is correct, but sadly the national debt has tripled under the Tories since about the year 200 ( check it out). All the economic experts warned we would be worse off out of Europe, but the Theresa May seems to think its all going to get better because she will refuse to deal with our neighbours. It just sounds like very thin spin and I worry that she will make us much worse off in many ways. If she gets in we’ll look back on these as the good times when we have very real austerity indeed

  19. In the last clip , May said her plan to reduce immigration was to “Bring people in where there are skill shortages” does she plan to then deport the same people when they are no longer of any use to her ? This is exactly the attitude she is affording the working class of this country, how any working class person could vote for her or her party and their policies is beyond me.

  20. Jo Johnston says:

    All this talk of not being able to afford a National Health Service is nonsense. It’s a case of priorities, when we decided to start the National Health Service immediately following the Second World War this country was bankrupt! If we could ‘afford’ it then we can certainly afford it now. This country is the sixth richest country in the world. What we can’t afford is for public money to be ‘syphoned’ off into private companies by the ‘back door privatisation’ of the health service that is happening now under the conservatives.

  21. Well she is a blow hard every promise this woman has made she has backed down on she is a laughing stock of a politician who makes nothing but excuses for her governments cunts the tories seem to think the cuts are ok the country will become more wealthy what at the cost of people’s lives through terrorist acts because we are under policed if conservative win this time round then people need their heads examined

  22. Jennifer Long says:

    According to the logic of her policies, the future for Britain all hinges on her Brexit dealing. Until then any increase in the fortunes of the British people is on hold. So things can only get worse. One assumes she’s ‘saving up’ tax payers’ money in order to buy us out of EU. Jeremy Corbyn’s policies on the other hand would ensure we become stronger as a nation in order to face whatever lies ahead. Although I’m a Remainer’ I do feel the Brexiters may well find they have bitten off more than they can chew. For this I am sorry none of us had possession of good hard facts prior to the referendum. Things might have turned out very different.

  23. Absolutely agree with tory. Get my vote…. Can’t stand Corbyn blatant liar who can’t be trusted.

  24. Samantha Shakespeare says:

    Caroline please name 1 lie Jeremy Corbyn has said?
    And whilst your at it please give us at least 1 lie the other leaders have told.

  25. Samantha Shakespeare says:

    Theresa May can cope answering people’s questions unless they are already her Tory plants.
    She is Weak and Wobble. We need a better society for everyone.
    I am disabled and have been treated with utter disdain and contempt, patronised by the DWP and ATOS and the first tier tribunal. This country is being ruined by the Tories and I know for a fact that if the Tories get back in for another 5 years I won’t be around until the end of that term.
    How can’t people actually see what is going on in society caused by the Tories.

  26. Sadly she is becoming more transparent than my window, in fact my window is strong and stable so i guess that’s an insult.

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