Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham has spoken this morning of the “spirit of Manchester”, hailing those who “opened their doors to strangers and drove them away from danger” in the minutes following the bomb attack on Manchester Arena. 

As always, our emergency services were the first to rush towards the scene of the attack and have been working through the night to save the lives of survivors and keep the rest of us safe.

Stories have also emerged of the solidarity shown by everyday heroes who did whatever they could to help those fleeing the scene of the attack.

Here’s a few…

Taxi drivers like AJ Singh (pictured below) turned off their meters to drive people, some of them wounded, away from the scene of the attack to find family and friends or to the hospital:

Manchester residents have pointed out that many of the taxi drivers who worked through the night for free are Muslims:

Hotels such as the Holiday Inn and Premier Inn immediately threw their doors open to offer survivors, many of them unaccompanied children, accommodation:

Others residents threw open the doors to their homes to those affected by offering their help through the #RoomsforManchester hashtag on Twitter and Facebook:

Sikh temples and chip shops in Manchester responded by providing free food:


Meanwhile there are queues outside blood donation centres in the city, although the emergency services say they have all the supplies they need:

Scrapbook salutes the spirit of Manchester…

  1. Gemma Gibbins says:

    People of Manchester, your spirit, your kindness, your hospitality and support to those involved is incredible!
    I’m truly humbled to see you working together at this tragic time.
    Devastated at your losses, empowered by your actions!
    God bless you all! We stand with you Manchester!

  2. Marie Gauughan says:

    On holiday in Spain but tears keep flowing for the sadness of it all . Tears for those kind people opening heart’s and homes,cars and food but more importantly love and compassion.
    Wanted to light a candle here in Cala for but church shut but my heart and prayers are not. God bless the sick ,the dying and all caring for them.
    The family that pray together stay together no matter the religion xxx

  3. What a tragedy all innocent people njoy in a night out and someone who is tired of living takes lives from ordinary people and children. The people of Manchester have all ralli d round to help the injured and feed the crowds of people left stranded. God bless you all and keep you strong and prayers for all those who have lost loved ones in this dreadful act.

  4. Manchester, you are in our thoughts and prayers today. This was an act of such hate and violence, and you responded in your droves with acts of kindness, sympathy and love.
    We feel your pain and anguish. We share your tears. We are proud to witness you pulling together to support those affected by this evil crime. May love conquer hate in these darkest of days.

  5. Tracy Richardson says:

    Fantastic to see a City pull together, no questions asked. Feel your pain and anger you are supported in grief from Newcastle xx

  6. Patricia Smith says:

    This is what Britain is all about my thoughts are with Manchester and the injured and disceased and their poor families still seeking information about their loved ones God Bless xxxx

  7. R.I.P for all those died in manchester in that horrible attack and all they poor kids that can’t find there parent’s and all they poor injured people aswell my heart stands out for all you’re losses that was in that horrible attack..god bless you all

  8. the people of Manchester will rise above this but I am sorry to say that I have seen it all before I was born in the 1930s and have seen terrible things in aden and the and the like whish I had the answere religion may be

  9. patrick newman says:

    Searching questions are needed to have an explanation why this terrorist returning to UK from Libya two days ago was not flagged by Border Force staff and followed up by security staff when that country is well known as a host for at least two terrorist groups. His actions after returning would have had to indicate some mal-intent. There was a witness who said on Today that Abedi’s home had an ISIS flag flying over his house recently.
    Bottom line is that this outrage should have been prevented especially as it was the anniversary of the killing of Lee Rigby in 2013 (May 22nd) and security forces should have been on general alert.
    Cuts to police numbers is another factor. They are the ears and eyes of the security forces and it is well known there is a significant shortage of trained armed police who could deal with a suicide bomber.
    Campaigning may be suspended but the Government goes on justifying its actions or lack of them. The Opposition should do its job and ask questions

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