The Tories have bagged more than £1 million more in donations than every other party put together thanks to super wealthy supporters – including the Selfridges department store.

The Electoral Commission have published figures showing how much campaign cash the parties have raised ahead of June 8.

It shows the Tories registered £4,108,000 in donations exceeding £7,500 from 56 rich individuals between May 3 and 9 alone – compared to the £2,946,844 raised by five other parties combined.

The Tory total includes a £40,000 donation from Selfridges Retail Ltd, which is owned by billionaire Galen Weston.

Weston is worth $10 billion, according to his profile on Forbes, and spends half the year at a gated playground for the rich in Florida.

Rather awkward on the day that the Tories launched a manifesto which promises: “We will always be guided by what matters to the ordinary, working families of this nation.”

The Tories also received £50,000 from Ayman Asfari, who was questioned by the Serious Fraud Office over suspected bribery, corruption and money laundering, the Guardian reports.

And in the best example of nominative determinism in politics yet – the Tories also received a £50,000 donation…from a Michael Tory.

Labour raised the second highest amount at £2,683,300, which it received from four trade unions and two individuals.

The Lib Dems received £180,000, UKIP £48,000, the Women’s Equality Party £20,544 and the Green Party £15,000.

Just like at Selfridges, it seems there’s nothing money can’t buy…

  1. patrick newman says:

    But one example of how the Tories are gerrymandering democracy. They have even got Radio 4 on their case. The imminent boundary changes, initiated by the last Tory led government, reduces MP numbers to 600 when the population over the last 20 years has increased a great deal. The implications are losses to Labour. When the party gets into powwer it must deal with the inequality that pervades elections both nationally and locally. Business rate changes favour Tory areas and the new school funding formula will see money going out of inner city areas in favour of the Tory shires. Thewey dont feel guilty about looking after their own!

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