The Tory press have given their predictable verdict on the leaked draft of Labour’s manifesto, dusting-off their favourite alarmist headline to warn Britain will be dragged “back to the 1970s”. But it seems the public quite liked the way things used to be.

Scrapbook has taken a look at YouGov polling on the policies branded a “suicide note” by the Daily Mail. We found:


  • 59% of the public support the railways being taken back into public ownership – including a majority of Tory voters


  • 68% of the public support the nationalisation of energy companies


  • 67% of the public support the Royal Mail being brought back into public ownership


  • 49% of voters supporting cutting tuition fees, compared to 31% who want them to remain at £9,000 a year


  • A majority of people supporting raising taxes to properly fund the NHS



  • 62% of the public have expressed support for raising taxes on the wealthiest


  • 56% of the public support a ban on zero hour contracts


By contrast, a majority of the public remain opposed to the reintroduction of fox hunting.

So who’s really out of touch with public opinion…

  1. Chris Bergin says:

    Seems that a lot of people have been affected by some aspect of what the tory party has been doing to this country, or perhaps it is just affecting someone they know. I think the saying goes ‘ you can fool some of the people most of the time but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.’

  2. Michael Hetherington says:

    Agree with Chris and they public voted for Tories in 2015 on back of economic competence. Generally we are told it’s getting better by those in power when many people feel the reality is somewhat different.

    They say the deficit is down but £1.7 trillion (debt stated in recent budget) is higher (at least it was when I went to school) than £950million as was when they took over. So the Tories say we have to stay the course of much of the same just doesn’t appeal to me continued stagnation of salary affects spending power and ability to enjoy life away from work. So austerity to me is a busted flush and time for trying something different

  3. Its about time we had some investment in our economy so that the country can progress forward. The Conservatives austerity message is outdated and not working because we have austerity and a bigger deficit than before we began this journey.

  4. ruth forward says:

    what a brilliant manifesto, its what the people of this country need, a caring and strong and stable government running the country rather than a cruel and manipulative one who’s all for the rich and don’t give a toss about the rest of us

  5. c.weatherhill says:

    I’m not turning on to BBC News tonight, as we all know that Kuenssberg will do all she can to rubbish this manifesto, and get another kick into Corbyn’s ribs. I still want a TV tomorrow, so must take away the temptation to put my left boot straight through it. Can the BBC please be banned from all election “coverage”? If only for the sake of my sanity?

  6. David Broadhurst says:

    Can Local labour, lib dem, green parties cooperate so only the strongest candidate is put forward in the hope of defeating the tory. Had enough of this bunch. My 9 year old nephew and his 5 year old sister are now in the same class because of cuts. Nonsense. What’s next, Dame Schools?

  7. Say strong and stable enough and the British people will believe it? We don’t. We’re not the mindless sheep Tories seem to think we are. Austerity policies are cruel and inhumane on the most needy in society. I stand for the many, not the few.

  8. I Think when Jeremy Becomes PM He should ,Boot Sky Out And Sack All BBC Tory’s Then We Could Have Decent News Channels ,Might Even Start Watching Telly Again
    So Come on Everyone Vote Labour

  9. It is fantastic to see a manifesto that actually plans for the future not just the sticking plaster policies we have seen for so long. This is a manifesto that invests in everybody not just the “haves”. I’m tired of the media telling me who or who isn’t electable, that is for me to decide. Would I rather have an honest, thoughtful person who doesn’t feel the need to sling insults around than the same old “I know what best for you” upper class Tory approach? Absolutely. Do I think that investing in the country using the energy company profits to boost the treasury is more important than whether my leader sings the national anthem? Absolutely.
    Fingers crossed that voters do take notice of what these policies offer and not what the right wing press tell them to think. For those who don’t like Jeremy Corbyn? I wish someone would explain to me why. As a negotiator he sticks by his beliefs but accepts compromise and displays indisputable stubbornness!

  10. Annette Oxley says:

    At last!!! There’s a marked difference now between Labour and the Tories! If you want something different, if you want hope, if you want a government which will invest in the country’s infrastructure and public services and not just pander to the wealthiest in our society and a government which doesn’t make empty promises, then it’s a no brainer – you need to vote for Labour on 8th June.

  11. I am praying that all young people, university students get out and vote for labour get our schools back up to standards and definitely get our nhs up and running where people who needs treatment don’t wait for nearly 8-12 hours to be seen and hopefully scrap the bedroom tax that’s affecting most people in the UK who can’t afford to buy their homes

  12. Hope Jeremy hasn’t shown his hand too soon. The media have too much time to spin it into something other than positive. It is difficult to believe there it be people out there who might still vote Tory. Turkeys voting for Christmas.

  13. I actually quite like the guy, but cant stand Diane Abbott and McDonnell isnt much better than her. If only the PLP would also unite behind their leader. Otherwise its 5years or more of tory shite, and they will have a blank cheque to do it

  14. Iain Richie says:

    We are leaving the EU that job is done we would be pretty stupid to now give the tories a thumping majority REMEMBER 13 YEARS OF THATCHER DETRUCTION STUPID! People come and go be careful what you wish for. Jeremy Corbyn is your best bet if you are no more than 2 pay-cheques from insolvency and probably still your best bet if you have less than 20 grand savings, use trains rely on your state- pension, get the minimum wage drink water etc etc

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