The chair of the Police Federation has called on the Government to “learn the lessons” from recent terror attacks and properly resource the police.

Steve White, a police officer for 28 years, made the plea after Theresa May deployed soldiers to the streets in the wake of the Manchester bombing in order to free up police resources.

He said the decision “deeply worrying” when the announcement was made last night and added this morning that the Government should instead give the Police the resources to do their job.

His comments come after research published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies this month revealed the police forces in England and Wales have lost 20,000 officers between 2009 and 2016 as a result of a 20% funding cut.

Tory Police Minister Brandon Lewis was booed at the Police Federation conference last week for suggestion the Government is making Britain safer while slashing the number of officers.

As Home Secretary, Theresa May accused the Police Federation of “crying wolf” and “scaremongering” over the impact of the Government’s cuts.

The Army has also been left short of troops and is facing “billions of pounds in so-called ‘efficiency savings’” according to the Defence Select Committee.

Update: The Police Federation have issued an official statement reiterating these points. It states:

“There is no ignoring the fact that we, the police, simply do not have the resources to manage an event like this on our own.”

  1. This is what happens when you think of Defence policy in terms of “how few pounds can we spend” when you should be thinking Who are we likely to have to fight, and where are we likely to have to fight them?”

  2. Robert Walker says:

    Our police, armed forces, health and social care … need to be adequately funded and it’s time to reverse the cuts that have endured since 2010.

  3. All the Tory policies are now coming home to roost. If you keep taking out and never putting anything in, you eventually come up empty. AS EMPTY AS THEIR PROMISES.

  4. This is what happens when you renew the Trident nuclear so-called deterrent at a cost of billions. We don’t need nuclear weapons to deter terrorists. We need more and better equipped police.

  5. Why don’t the government start diverting the money that they squeeze from Camelot towards emergency services and armed forces is beyond me. Sir Richard Branson was going to do it so why can’t it be implemented now…??? Greedy Ministers perhaps…???

  6. But then how would the rich get richer if she starts putting resources back into the pesky Public Services. Double standards & hypocrisy.

  7. Does no body else think that pointing the finger at government (irrespective of what party is in power and their policies) is a bit narrow minded. They arnt the problem, radical terrorists are!
    Lets focus on who is truely to blame. We shouldnt have to spend any government money dealing with this sort of thing at all. And the fact that we live in a world where it is a necessity is tragic.
    At least mobilising the armed forces to help the police is an action that demonstrates the government is taking action to counter the current circumstance.

  8. Maybe there is a gap in the market here for a privatised police force. Oh wait that will be one of her plans anyway. Time to get rid of the Tories and their stupidity.

  9. Anonymous – I think you are missing the point. For far to long The Police, The Armed Services, The Prison Service, the NHS and Teachers have stuffered cuts to their budgets from the Conservative Government – Theresa May being the main protagonist in this action.
    We, the British Citizen, have a right to proper and safe levels of protection these services provide.
    The biggest thing that is overlooked by the public, but is deliberately targeted by Politicans is that all of the above ‘careers’ are in the most part made up of ordinary people who have ‘a calling’; those who want to serve their communities, country and fellow man. They join their chosen profession without expectation of huge wages but the belief that they will receive the right resources, equipment and support from their managers to do their job.
    The government count on the fact that those working in these services will always do their best and succeed dispute government obstacles.
    It should not be like this.

  10. I do not have think we should have the army on our streets.
    Our police do a great job at protecting society. It’s just that they have been prevented because of shortcuts. All this will do with army presence is cause more fighting on our streets.
    Is this not playing right into the hands of those who wish to cause awful situations like what happened in Manchester?

  11. It is the first duty of a goverment to protect its citizenry from war famine disease and want Not multinationals and billionares from paying their dues

  12. In my opinion the military shouldn’t help at all. All the police and public do is undermine them and give them grief .. for doing what they are told to do.. But WHEN it does all kick off they’ll be the first ones everyone turns to? Make your minds up ..

  13. No slight to the Army at all, awesome people and service. It’s just that soldiers on the street increase fear which is the aim of terrorists. I don’t think we could do without it, but it is ridiculous that they have to do others jobs because of government cuts. They have enough to deal with, with there own cuts.

  14. It is so disappointing that deliberate plans to reduce the public sector have made the work of all of our emergency services so much more difficult. I was in the armed forces as a young man but I wouldn’t join today nor be part of the emergency services. Government (and sadly some of the ‘general public’ ) disrespect them, under resource them. Why would anyone join up today?

  15. Patricia Ford says:

    It’s true & it’s the government fault with the cut backs same with the NHS they re the ones with blood on there hands

  16. The forces are there to protect our country. Grow up people and let them do the job they need to do.
    Respect to the police but I feel so much safer knowing the forces are protecting me and mine
    That’s what they trained for. Ask the families of soldiers sent to fight a war in another country what they think

  17. How dare you politicise this atrocity. Have you no moral judgement? You could put another 100k police officers on the beat and something like this is still going to happen at some point. Our officers are not armed so there ability to deal with a suicide bomber is limited. The soldiers are there for 2 reason, 1 to deal with militant attackers (which the army are better trained than police to deal with) the other is REASURANCE. The police cuts do need to be stopped and pressure put on the government to do so but not now and not like this.

  18. Tho point is, if the police had enough staff and resources they may have prevented this atrocity. The policing that goes on day to day has been severely cut so allowing potential attackers to carry on with plans that may have been thwarted, had funding been maintained at an adequate level.

  19. I wish you people would stop moaning about the cut in POLICE numbers. The army is also here to protect the country and its citizens so stop bitching !! I think the army is better equipped to deal with explosive devices than the POLICE.

  20. Anthony Brown says:

    No matter what police resources are available. This radical horror would have occurred. Yes stop cutting police and Armed Forces budgets….but come on, be realistic. The intelligence wasn’t there, so it was unforeseeable.

  21. Actually this is exactly what we need. Our troops should be defending our borders, not being sent to other countries because of oil, politics and money!

  22. John Fawkes says:

    Nobody has bothered to mention that if we stopped dropping bombs on families and kids in other countries just because the US tells us to, maybe we wouldn’t be facing such an onslaught of radicalised attackers. And no, I’m not trying to excuse terrorist actions – I’d be first in line with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers if you got one of the terrorist leaders in a cell.

  23. Bullocks in the face of a terrorist attack I’d much rather be protected by a soldier who’s trained in this type of thing than a copper with a baton

  24. Where were the police at the Iran Embassy siege? Outside.
    Well done for churning in with political comments to further a gain on the back of a terrorist atrocity.

  25. You won’t stop the intent individual who radicalises under the radar. The issue here and now is the aftermath, each and every venue has a potential to be a targeted. Manchester police force has cancelled all rest days and put officers on 12 hour shifts. This is because there are no longer adequit numbers anymore to deal with a major incident . Mrs May as the then Home Secretary was told of the consequences of cutting the police service would have , in the event of a major incident. She replied that the federation was using scaremongering tactics on the public. They weren’t , they have been proven right . I am devistated at the loss of life and injury incurred in this atrocity. This government should not put a price on the publics safety . The army are there to combat wars not to police our streets

  26. Paul Sergent says:

    The pinch point is fast approaching in all public services, stop thinking of them as business and realise they are a necessity and have to be properly resourced all the time, efficient not deficient

  27. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m a serving Soldier and currently on stand by, I’m sorry to hear that some of you feel we strike fear in to the public, we are not to be feared in any way unless you are stood in the wrong side of terrorist line! We are your Soldiers that have dedicated our lives so far to the defence of all of you regardless of colour or race so that you don’t have to do it. I’ve given 17 years of my life from the age of 16 serving all of you and none of you know me from Adam! I’ve hunted these people through the deserts of Iraq to Afghanistan and other places and I assure you that no matter what happens having Troops on the streets would not stop them from doing what they wanted to do if they’re committed to doing it, what we can do is provide a more efficient, rapid, determined bunch of armed first responders capable of adapting to any situation as it unfolds on the ground at any given time, we can provide battle proven skills from Med to Hunt quicker than anyone else.

  28. The cuts are necessary. The issue is how the PCCs and Chiefs are applying the cuts. There’s infinite waste on staffing, equipment and maintenance on buildings. A £1,000 for a shelf in a custody suite that costs £35 from B&Q? How can a force smaller than GMP need to have more Supt & C/Supt ranks? Why do Chiefs keep promoting the senior executive to the next rank shortly before retirement? They’d sooner cut PC numbers than impose necessary cuts where they’re needed and would have most effect.

  29. You can say that are having no aircraft carriers, less regiments, prison officers, nursing and health care all their budgets have been cut too and that’s the blame of both labour AND cons parties. If government cut oversea’s aid and put that moey back into british systems we’d be a bit better off. Why are we giving serria a billion £’s in aid…it’s not going to the people to help build new homes so where is it going?

  30. I applaud the comments from the armed forces however we are a country that polices by consent, our police ‘hold’ the office of constable and given the correct resources are just as adept if not better at utilising the skills on the urban and often fraught community lines. This should not be seen as any disrespect at all …just different skills for different drills. Our armed forces should not be utilised for ‘policing’ the streets of our country, given the tools our police can and will do a bloody good job.

  31. The police are here to protect civilian life and are trained to do this and work with the public. The army are trained to work in war zones and fight battles. They should not be on our streets. Shame on the Tory cuts!

  32. When troops,were deployed,in Northern Ireland, their were cries of horror,from some political parties. It was a necessary evil. Now,it,has,happened in main land Britain the,same people,are on their back legs again. I did my time across the water and agree,the,army are not fitted,for the job. Who,else,have,got? The,army will do the job no matter the difficulties involved, it’s what they do. Give them your full support and let them get on with,it. Good luck boys and girls, I back you 100%. Skin.

  33. This goes against the grain – but if governments won’t listen when it is obvious that our police are underfunded and moral is at an all time low and officers and public are placed in unnecessary danger by uncaring and inept politicians then perhaps they should revisit the the right to strike.

  34. Maybe we should stop sending foreign aid to countris that don’t need and don’t want like India who have their own space programme. Think of all the officers and NHS staff that we coukd have. I am a retired officer and do not envy my ex colleague their position at the moment

  35. It is appalling to find out that the police have-not got enough manpower to cover their security responsibilities. They have had to ask the army for extra personnel to assist them . Even at the height of the troubles with IRA bombing on the mainland solders never had to be deployed on the main land, (only Northern Ireland).

  36. Joy Boyd Colhoun says:

    I was always soooo proud of my country!! I was s Service wife and this increased my pride! However, recently I’m feeling very perturbed concerning the obvious major lack of funding ascribed to our security forces! David Cameron and his ilk did not possess the experience and understanding of the ongoing need/future requirements upon which our country and its defence depend! There were far too many cuts per se when current defence ought to have had increased funding! David Cameron and his Chancellor were obsessed with saving expenditure to give/promote their “efficiency” haha!! We need a PM who is less concerned about self but one who has wisdom and good sense. In closing, Teresa May’s rhetoric IS inspiring BUT her follow up action non-existent or inconclusive.

  37. Tabasco Murray says:

    Crime figures falling !!
    The whole police force needs to change with the times..
    Still to many offices sitting on there backsides doing jack shit!!

  38. They of being doing the same with the police as they did in the nursing profession in the 80s. They were warned that if they cut down on the training schools ,there would be insufficient nurses in the 90s .
    They didn’t listen then and they are not listening now . Mass recruiting has been done abroad. All at very great cost to the economy on the taxpayers.
    Times like this we need the emergency services to be at Full strength and capacity.
    Whilst you are electioneering you politicians, think longer than four years ahead because you are devastating the services that are vital for the safety and security of our country.

  39. You are all talking utter bs turning this into a political argument all governments have been cutting back since the 70s, and why because the same people who are complaining about those cuts cry that they pay to much council tax or income tax. You want bigger budgets for the police, nhs or armed forces then start shouting for tax rises and get your hands in your pockets.

  40. Reduce foreign aid increase the police budget.why do we give aid to countries that could afford it themselves as they do not spend there budget on there own citizens.

  41. maudlin micky says:

    Regrettably no amount of police or army can be sure of stopping terrorist attacks it didn’t in northern Ireland and even Russia has its problems like this occasionally. Police do need the right level of funding but its a balance unless we want to live in a police state. Whether it is terrorism or crime the police can only do their job with the support and help of us the public they are trying to protect. I wonder what the ratio of police to population is now compared to say 20 or 30 years ago instead of concentrating on what it costs. When it comes to drafting in the army it is called aid to the civil powers and is part of the job and they do it brilliantly be it security or helping with floods.

  42. It’s time to arm all our police officers regardless of what they want, if they dont want to carry a gun to protect us then don’t join the force. We are one of the only countries in the world without an armed force. Times are changing and it will only get worse as more and more terrorist come to Britain. Arm them all now before its to late.

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