No surprise that the Evening Standard has come out against Labour’s manifesto plans to raise taxes on millionaires like its editor George Osborne.

But what about this for an admission in the editorial:

“The Coalition government enacted a programme of austerity but claimed that key services such as the NHS and schools would be ‘ring-fenced’ — true in the strict sense that their budgets were not cut, but in practice they faced a prolonged freeze that meant they couldn’t do everything asked of them.” 

To recap: that’s the editorial of the newspaper edited by Osborne admitting that the Government in which he was chancellor underfunded the NHS and schools.

And what’s weirder is Osborne writes about the Coalition like he is some sort of independent observer rather than the person who held the purse strings for the entire 5 years.

Osborne is either suffering from severe amnesia or the onset of remorse.

He could see a nurse – if his “prolonged freeze” hadn’t created a staffing shortage…

  1. Just hope he needs treatment for a serious ailment and funding cuts mean he can’t get the proper treatment he beads, the. He’ll realise what his cuts have done, mind u, he’ll be using bupa or Virgin funded by taxpayers…… bastard

  2. I often thought that he was a sociopath. It’s interesting to see how he has dumped one personality only to invent another, both of which are products of his imagination rather than reality. I suppose his childhood, his use of chemical products and his limited abilities to interact with anyone but a small group of likeminded acquaintances make any other outcome impossible. He wasn’t the Chancellor of the Exchequer. He never wanted to be Prime Minister. He is not responsible for extending the debt crises that looms over the Treasury. It was not him. It was someone else. He’ll invent himself again. Multiple personalities. You can’t beat ’em.

  3. Anthony Ingle says:

    Lowest of the low. Is it possible to prosecute former members of government for treason, in the sense of acting in the worst interests of the nation?

  4. michelle silvester says:

    Hope he needs the NHS one day, I would actually let him die a painful death !!!!! If people still vote Tory at this election they deserve everything they get !!!

  5. Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    When will people stop being surprised by lieing Tories. They call their latest wish list a Manifesto, underpinned by fresh air. All the time using the fear tactics employed in 2 referendums, the latter proving that they have an inability to actually plan for the outcome. Think back to the last 2 Budget fiasco’s as an example of understanding planning and fiscal policy, key strategies lasting less than days before a reversal. And they say they are the best to give us the best deal on Europe!!!
    Will this Great Nation (all 4 countries) of ours allow this government by deception to carry on. At least Labour are offering us a tried and tested plan to rescue our failing society and offer our youth a future unburdened by mounting debt. WE only have days now to get behind the only political party who can honestly bring about change, without the race to the bottom being experienced by a good majority of the population.

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