You would think the Kippers would have learned their lesson about trying to pass off temporary accommodation as a permanent residence after the embarrassing (and presumably expensive) episode over Paul Nuttall’s empty house in Stoke.

Nuttall admitted he had never even been to the terraced house he designated as his “home” on the nomination form for the by-election which he lost by 2000 votes.

That hasn’t detered UKIP’s general election candidate in Hartlepool at trying his luck with the same trick.

Phillip Broughton, who actually lives in Stockton, registered his ‘home address’ at 159-161 Stockton Road, Hartlepool.

Close, but not close enough. The local newspaper has spotted that his ‘home address’ is actually the £25 a night Brafferton guest house.

Unlike Nuttall, Broughton is at least temporarily living in the nominated property.

The former professional wrestler was presumably trying to gain a competitive edge in the fight for right-wing voters with the Tory candidate, who lives in Buckinghamshire, but has ended up being accused of “misleading” voters.

Labour’s Mike Hill is the only candidate who actually lives in the constituency, with the Lib Dems fielding a candidate from York.

Broughton believes he has a “tremendous chance” of winning the seat where he came second in the 2015 general election.

I wouldn’t put your house on it mate…

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