A Tory councillor in Scotland has been exposed for posting a string of racist comments on social media, including one suggesting black people are cannibals.

The comments made by Robert Davies were unearthed less than a week after he was elected to Stirling Council on a Tory ticket.

They were brought to light today by Twitter user Cameron Archibald:

In comments on three photos, the Tory councillor suggests that black people are cannibals, eat straw and carry spears:

Needless to say the councillor has since made his Twitter account private:

It comes just two days after another Tory on Stirling Council was forced to apologise over offensive posts and asking women for their opinion on the size of his manhood on a dating website.

Scrapbook also reported last week how a Tory councillor in Kirklees was suspended for liking a Nazi meme on Twitter.

And then there was the Tory councillor in Coventry who was found to have racially abused a shop owner.

There’s a pattern emerging…

  1. patrick newman says:

    Puts Emily Thornberry’s 2015 white van man into context! I dont suppose May will be endlessly and agressively grilled by Humpheys or Kuenssberg about the racism in her party.

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